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In hindsight, I should have known it was folly for me to try to meet with World Golf Foundation's Steve Mona on Wednesday at GIS about National Golf Day 2015. So, instead of actual reporting, I’ll fall back on what I know about my old boss to make the best of our short time and my lousy reporting skills.
The First Tee continues to rock but, at some point, many participants outgrow the learning centers and need access to other courses. Steve is leading the NGD15 team on Capitol Hill this week, but plenty of superintendents (including our friend Darren Davis) will be there too. Rain Bird’s Golf Division has named Ian Williams as its Golf Specification Manager for the U.S.

In his new role, Williams will serve as a single point of contact for golf industry specifiers, including architects, irrigation designers, consultants and contractors.
We were both hopelessly behind schedule and what should have been a thoughtful hour-long conversation turned into 12 frantic minutes in the hallway. His knowledge base will help these professionals develop optimum irrigation solutions for courses across the United States. He brings over 25 years of valued experience in the golf industry to his new position, including distribution, product support, construction and installation. And my notes from the meeting look like I was typing with two fat thumbs on my iPhone without my glasses on (which is exactly what happened).

In addition to co-authoring technical papers, Williams holds various industry certifications including Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) and Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor (CGIA). He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in plant and soil science from the University of Delaware.

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