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The Goose Creek CISD College and Career Readiness Department is committed to providing higher education access to all students and works closely with campuses and other district departments to create and maintain a college-going culture throughout the district. CollegeGo app guides you through the essential steps to find, apply to, and attend the college that’s right for you. The Houston Area Recruiter’s Network hosts a Summer Search Series to provide you with all of the information you need to navigate the college search.  Please join them for one of these great events to learn more about admissions, academics, housing, financial aid, student life, and other important topics for prospective students to consider as you begin your journey. Sign up you will receive helpful information on topics such as study tips, securing financial aid, and managing your money. KnowHow2GO is a campaign designed to encourage students and veterans to prepare for college.
Read how you can start preparing for college today and how to leverage Naviance to reach your goals. Don't Let Anything Stand in Your Way-"My Degree Counts" provides resources to help you continue your education. Start today by clicking this link. Goose Creek CISD Nutrition Services partners with the “Nutri Apps” program, which makes it easy for parents to apply for meal benefits online.
UIL Academic Team members from Goose Creek Memorial High School display their awards after winning the recent UIL Academic Invitational Tournament. Goose Creek Memorial High School won first place overall at the recent UIL Academic Invitational Tournament hosted by GCM. In Number Sense, GCM students Kyrie Yong won first place, Pooja Bhula won second place, and Chinmayee Kulkarni earned third place, and the team won first place. The team of GCM students placed first in Science, with Hiral Weghela receiving second place overall, Garcia winning third place overall and first place in Chemistry, and Bhula winning sixth place overall. Loved ones, who are unable to attend the ceremonies, will be able to watch the graduation ceremonies live via the Web.
The graduation ceremonies will be available for viewing on the Goose Creek CISD web site at a later date. If you are planning to attend graduation exercises at Hofheinz Pavilion, please note that there will be lane closures on I-10 westbound from Lockwood to I-59 (Eastex). The 59 South exit on I-10 West is also closed. In early May, graduating seniors will receive a packet of information to take home regarding graduation responsibilities, procedures, and due dates. All graduating students will be riding GCCISD buses from their home campus to Hofheinz Pavilion. Students must arrive on campus at a predetermined time that has been communicated by their principal. NOTE: Please know that any wrapped gifts will be opened and checked by security personnel at the entry doors.

GCCISD bus transportation will be provided for family members through a campus-based reservation system.
Additional information regarding the reservation system will be sent home in early May 2014.
In two days, the Education Foundation awarded grants amounting to more than $16,000 that will go toward innovative projects submitted by teachers from across Goose Creek CISD.
Sterling High School earned the most grants with three, while Lee High School, Bowie Elementary, and Harlem Elementary each earned two grants apiece.
In its inaugural year, the Education Foundation awarded 16 grants to 15 teachers at 11 different campuses. This project is aimed at improving science TAKS scores through a video capture and analysis technology project.
Students will make their own solar stills to transfer salt water into fresh water using solar energy. Richard is a 31-year resident of Baytown and retired in June 2012, after serving as an educator in GCCISD for 29 years. Prior to serving as high school principal, Richard held the positions of Director of Student Services, Director of Athletics, junior high principal, high school assistant principal, elementary assistant principal, and high school math teacher in GCCISD.
Students and parents are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, connect with others about post-secondary opportunities, and begin preparing for college early. College and career readiness is a focus, as we continue to work closely with our higher education partners and local businesses to prepare our students for post-secondary success.
With an interactive interface the app provides game, video, and search features to help you plan your college journey. Please note that if your child has qualified for free or reduced price meals in the past, you must still update your information at the start of every school year. Pictured are (top, l to r) Hiral Waghela, Michelle Davila, Kyrie Yong, Coach Sean Kang, Adithya Nair, Vamsi  Katta, Christian Gonzalez, Pooja Bhula (bottom, l to r) Dominic Borbon and Chinmayee Kulkarni. All graduating students will meet in advance on campus at a predetermined time and be transported by bus to Hofheinz Pavilion.
Click to see more information and map here).  There will also be a road  construction project on Cullen Boulevard stretching down to Hofheinz Pavilion and to the Alumni Center may cause traffic delays. What wonderful things this will do for our school district,” said Goose Creek Superintendent Dr. Next year’s goal is to raise $75,000 for grants to be distributed in the fall and spring semesters. This repeated, multi-modal, kinesthetic, visual and auditory reinforcement helps solidify mental connections between the written and spoken word and is a useful teaching tool for assessment and literacy training. This program includes purchasing a set of 176 Delta Science Readers that are aligned to 5th TEKS in reading and science.

The students will be in a classroom with teachers coming into the classes with motivating, energizing tips to improve student writing.
This will help them to not only grasp the concepts better but will also provide an opportunity for the parents to be involved in their child’s education.
Students must decide which maps to ultimately fill out charts that allow students to identify that location in a given photograph and defend their decision. Students will also begin to understand the limitations of functions (asymptotes) and calculator that graphed them. The ability to slow down motion frame by frame enables students to see the motion, not just hear about it. Students will also be expected to create a meal using a solar oven and generate light by assembling a flashlight from parts.
He was a five-year high school math teacher in Louisiana before moving to Baytown in the summer of 1983. Bhula placed first in Calculator Applications, and Dominic Borbon placed fifth, resulting in a first place award for the team. Lee High School will be held on June 7, 2014 at Hofheinz Pavilion on the University of Houston campus. Through a campus-based reservation system, school buses will also be available to transport parents or relatives who may need a ride to Hofheinz Pavilion.
Students who successfully complete assigned task will be deemed a “survivor” of science camp.
In his final position in Goose Creek, Richard served as the inaugural principal of Goose Creek Memorial High School. Sterling High School, Barbers Hill High School, Crosby High School, Port Neches Groves High School, Aldine High School, and Memorial High School in Port Arthur. In the Computer Science category, Bhula placed fourth, and in Current Events, Michelle Fresnedo received second place honors.
The skill builder booklets provide reading and science activities for each title that is purchased.
Through this project, reading and science teachers will provide small group reading instruction as a part of the school day to supplement regular classroom instruction, with opportunities for students to build both word attack and decoding skill, while increasing their knowledge in all science objectives.

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