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The use of a mass spectrometer as the detector in gas chromatography was developed during the 1950s by Roland Gohlke and Fred McLafferty. A wreath was laid at the Blitz Memorial in the War Memorial Gallery in Talbot Street, Belfast on Friday 13th April at 12 noon to mark the 71st anniversary of the blitz on Belfast in 1941.The wreath of flowers was laid by the Chairman of the War Memorial, Lieutenant Colonel C T Hogg. CITB-ConstructionSkills NI has been awarded funding, to deliver an innovative project, to train 30 local construction workers in sustainable construction in Biberach, Germany. The focus in the War Memorial gallery in Talbot Street, Belfast for this weekend's European Heritage Open Days was the arrival of the US troops in Northern Ireland 70 years ago to prepare for the war in North Africa. If this document is dynamic and can be syndicated or aggregated, include the link to the RSS file.

The instrument at the left is used for instructional and research and is located in room 190A.
These sensitive devices were bulky, fragile, and originally limited to laboratory settings.
The GC effluent is directed into the mass spectrometer, where a spectrum of each component is obtained as it elutes from the column. He said "The loss of over 1000 lives in the air raids is the single greatest tragedy in the history of Belfast. The development of affordable and miniaturized computers has helped in the simplification of the use of this instrument, as well as allowed great improvements in the amount of time it takes to analyze a sample.

The GC works on the principle that a mixture will separate into individual substances when heated. In 1996 the top-of-the-line high-speed GC-MS units completed analysis in 90 seconds, whereas first-generation GC-MS would have required at 15 minutes.
A selected ion chromatogram of mass 91 will show the chromatographic peaks attributable to aromatic compounds.

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