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Old Generation memory contains the objects that are long lived and survived after many rounds of Minor GC.
All the Garbage Collections are “Stop the World” events because all application threads are stopped until the operation completes. Since Young generation keeps short-lived objects, Minor GC is very fast and the application doesn’t get affected by this.
The duration taken by garbage collector depends on the strategy used for garbage collection. Permanent Generation or “Perm Gen” contains the application metadata required by the JVM to describe the classes and methods used in the application.
Method Area is part of space in the Perm Gen and used to store class structure (runtime constants and static variables) and code for methods and constructors. Memory Pools are created by JVM memory managers to create a pool of immutable objects, if implementation supports it. Java provides a lot of memory switches that we can use to set the memory sizes and their ratios. Java Garbage Collection is the process to identify and remove the unused objects from the memory and free space to be allocated to objects created in the future processing.
Garbage Collector is the program running in the background that looks into all the objects in the memory and find out objects that are not referenced by any part of the program. First one is that it’s not efficient because most of the newly created objects will become unusedSecondly objects that are in-use for multiple garbage collection cycle are most likely to be in-use for future cycles too. Serial GC is useful in client-machines such as our simple stand alone applications and machines with smaller CPU. Parallel Garbage Collector is also called throughput collector because it uses multiple CPUs to speed up the GC performance. CMS collector on young generation uses the same algorithm as that of the parallel collector. Garbage First Collector doesn’t work like other collectors and there is no concept of Young and Old generation space.

We can use Java command line as well as UI tools for monitoring garbage collection activities of an application. We can use jstat command line tool to monitor the JVM memory and garbage collection activities.
The last argument for jstat is the time interval between each output, so it will print memory and garbage collection data every 1 second. The advantage of jstat is that it can be executed in remote servers too where we don’t have GUI. Java Garbage Collection Tuning should be the last option you should use for increasing the throughput of your application and only when you see drop in performance because of longer GC timings causing application timeout. If you are see a lot of Full GC operations, then you should try increasing Old generation memory space. Overall garbage collection tuning takes a lot of effort and time and there is no hard and fast rule for that.
That’s all for Java Memory Model and Garbage Collection, I hope it helps you in understanding JVM memory and garbage collection process. Molto interessante la soluzione proposta da G.Cingotta su xda-developers per unire in un unico pacchetto di installazione Opera Mini e Gmail Mobile. I piu esperti sapranno che queste applicazioni necessitano di una Java Midlet Manager per funzionare correttamente in Windows Mobile. Ultimamente molti utenti hanno avuto problemi ad installare la versione in italiano della Gmail Java Edition su Windows Mobile. Disponibile in anteprima la nuova release di Opera Mobile 9.5 browser di ultima generazione per i dispositivi mobili dotati di Windows Mobile.
Con Mobile Football il campionato europeo 2008 di calcio sempre in tasca nel tuo telefonino! Da gmail 2 che gestisce + account dovrebbe esser considerato un problema risolto, ma gmail 2 funziona un po’ di M sul mio htc tytn2.
Sarebbe bello che GC fosse fornito anche con Google mail oltre che gmail (nome diverso ma funzionamento =) e che ci fosse un howto per firmare le applicazioni java.

Today we will look into different parts of JVM memory and how to monitor and perform garbage collection tuning. So at a time, one of the survivor space is always empty.Objects that are survived after many cycles of GC, are moved to the Old generation memory space.
Major GC should be minimized because it will make your application unresponsive for the garbage collection duration. That’s why it’s necessary to monitor and tune the garbage collector to avoid timeouts in the highly responsive applications. They contain method specific values that are short-lived and references to other objects in the heap that are getting referred from the method.
I have already explained above how objects are scanned and moved from one generational space to another based on the Minor GC and Major GC. We just need to use JVM switch to enable the garbage collection strategy for the application.
This garbage collector is suitable for responsive applications where we can’t afford longer pause times. However this is an optional step and you can run the GC monitoring commands for any java application. You will get an image of JVM memory and garbage collection details as shown in below image.
You would need to try different options and compare them to find out the best one suitable for your application. Ecco come si presenta la nuova interfaccia agli utenti collegati attraverso un dispositivo mobile.
Usually it’s done by setting a threshold for the age of the young generation objects before they become eligible to promote to Old generation.

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