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Lots of guns, which isn't really very 'sonic game' like but it works, as it adds to what would've been without it, few things you can make the character do. You have quite a few choices for how you want your storyline for Shadow the hedgehog to go, from justice to chaos, the game levels are all quite different and they all have different ways to complete them which is nice, doing different objectives for good or evil each time.
RareKirby says:This is actually the same engine they used when they made Sonic Heroes except you're alone. You will need to login to your EP account (it's free) to submit tags and other game information.

If you know the best emulator for this game, please suggest an emulator above to help out other users. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. A long list of shortcomings, from stupid level design, unrefined controls and useless gunplay to disappointingly outdated graphics.
Shadow the Hedgehog is a game that was developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA in 2005.

In 1P Mode, you will get an extra life when you get 100 (or more) rings and step on a portal device (or a checkpoint device).
You will unlock the "Last Story" by completing the entire "Library." Shadow the Hedgehog can use weapons, even the military guns.

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