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More than 100 years ago, Mark Twain said that “the elastic heart of youth cannot be compressed into one constrained shape long at a time”. In modern technology, “the elastic cloud can be compressed with the constraints of long datatypes”. When a row is updated in a Hybrid Columnar Compressed (HCC) table, then it is migrated to another block in the segment that is managed using “OLTP compression“. Only after decompressing the OLTP tables, the event “cell single block physical read“ disappeared and the performance got significantly improved. Another good tip for Siebel on RAC is the usage of high number of hash partitions for hot indexes.

Looking at issues with these events in MOS might incline you to believe that this is a bug. Another tip: SecureFiles is a feature introduced in Oracle Database 11g that is *specifically* engineered to deliver *high performance* for this type of unstructured data. Let me explain the meaning of my statement in terms of Siebel applications running on RAC and Exadata. The issue of chained rows can be resolved by using big block size while migrated rows require segment reorganization with higher PCTFREE (20, 30 or even 50). Any HCC Compression Unit (CU) containing at least one migrated row, will also cause the block containing that row to be accessed by the server using a “cell single block physical read“.

Partitioning can provide a mechanism for avoiding these issues since each partition can have its own storage format. I have seen several queries getting even 10 times faster after migrating LOBs to SecureFiles.

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