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Welcome to the RetroCollect Forum - A Retro Gamers and Collectors at RetroCollect; the Retro Gaming Collectors Community. All discussions regarding Classic Games belong in here.No matter which Console or System, it's a welcome discussion in here.
Sorry, no matching trades Ouch though, you're only missing the best, rarest or expensive games there Luckily most of the ones I'm missing are easier to get hold of, although I'm still missing two Cocoto games and Ratatouille too.
I currently have 82 PAL GameCube releases (including the STAR WARS ARCADE Preview disc), but not looking to get the full set as I am concentrating on other consoles PAL releases to complete (so far I have completed PAL Dreamcast, Mega Drive, N64 and Neo Geo Pocket Color) but would consider myself a GameCube collector as I have all of the PAL games that I would consider the collectable ones OR the rarities.Great console, I am from the school of thought that in order to play the best videogames ever made, you have to own all of the consoles. I do have a soft spot for Gamecube, to me its the most appealing console of the three that generation. Mayhem wrote:Are the two-game compilations just the normal games inside an outer cardboard box? I never understood the attitude of many of my friends who dismissed the GC as a kids console with not enough games worth getting.

Should you want to discuss the best retro games or the rarest games around, register now and get involved with the best retro gaming forum online! Do you have things like the french exclusives or Medabots, Superman, Dakar 2, Castleween and rare crap like that I see your point there - by all of the rarities I meant I have the rarities that are good, nothing that I woudl consider crap - I understand the needd for the likes of Castelween though for collectors going for the full GC PALset as I have some utter rubbish in my collection to make up the full MD; N64 and Dreamcast sets!!I guess the best way I can answer your question is to point you to checking out my collection that I have registered thus far on Retro Collect and filter out the GameCube titles so you can see the 82 games I have. But decided against going for the full set as theres so many kids and sports games I just wouldn't play, and then sold off a lot of the rare games. That and the fact they were the Player's Choice version and I was going for the original release for all my games. I still have a decent set of games:It's still tempting to collect cube again, but my Master System collection swiftly takes my attention away from that thought. EVOLUTION WORLDS and MARIO BASEBALL were ones I had to look for but I did find them eventually. Also need to know if you would like me to contribute to the N64 pics as I saw your post from a few weeks back asking for help with box scans?

Considering how collectable the 2 x Evolution games are on the Dreamcast (and the Neo Geo Pocket Color EVOLUTION game too), I'm suprised that the GC exclusive EVOLUTION game is not talked about more or held in the same regard. Fortunately I got my copy from GAME for ?10 brand new shortly after it came out as it was selling really poorly and they were being sold off dirt cheap. Like The Zelda Collectors Edition, POKEMON BOX was available as a stand alone release in it's own box via Nintendo's VIP Club Nintendo scheme as well as being bundled with special edition versions of Pokemon Colosseum.

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