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Recently, Windows 7 has become popular due to its highly publicized advantages over its predecessors.
My C drive is out of space or low disk space, I want to decrease the partition D size and increase C drive size.
AOMEI Technology provides freeware for disk & partition management, computer backup & recovery, cloud drives management, etc. Tip: there are several editions of AOMEI Partition Assistant, and here I’ll take the free edition----Standard for an example.
The simple set of options and features make Aomei Partition Assistant extremely easy to use even for beginners. As one of the outstanding partitioning software, Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition is regarded and recommended as the Windows 7 partition magic which can easily increase partition size for Windows 7. Make the changes come into effect by clicking "Apply" on the toolbar after previewed the changes and ensure operations in the "Pending Operations" box. With several mouse clicks, the red bar changed into normal and the size increased successfully. From the 1st limitation, we can find the reason is no continuous unallocated space behind C: drive. If skip the deletion, extend boot partition will stopped here, maybe this is the reason why users would like to choose Aomei Partition Assistant which holds more advanced function such as move partition. So you created a disk for your Windows or Linux VirtualBox VM and you made the mistake of not creating the drive as a dynamically expanding storage drive, you chose fixed size. VirtualBox for Mac comes with a tool called VBoxManage, this tool is all you need to resize your virtual disk. When you’re using the VBoxManage tool make sure your VM is not running, stop it completely to be safe. After you’ve physically resized your drive, both VirtualBox and your OS should know about the changes.
If your VM is running Windows 7, the way to let the operating system know that it can use the additional space on your drive is very straight forward. AH but now the solution is made obvious once I noticed something When you clone the original drive to make a backup, the tool creates a dynamically allocated disk, even if the original was fixed size. Also I should note that although it finds VirtualBox VMs with ls at Me directory, I cant find it with cd.
And last but not least, I use a vhd instead of vdi, but I can locate both of them in the folder. Oops, sorry, I meant Jake and Francesc, not Luna (hers is a different error I’m afraid). I have since tried to delete my snapshots so I could just repeat the disk resize on the current state, but VirtualBox balks when I try to delete the last snapshot (presumably because the disk sizes don’t match between the states it is trying to merge).
They really should include a warning about resizing virtual machine disks when using snapshots, if it is possible to irreversibly damage them. Thanks Gubatron, this worked like a dream (the tip about putting the filename in inverted commas was also invaluable, wojtas) and it’s really saved my bacon.

At the same time, how to partition Windows 7 system hard disk is a question that is becoming urgent for Windows 7 users.
It allows you to copy the disk or partition to a different location as backup in order to eliminate any sort of mishaps. When you see the information about the storage drives attached to your VM you should see the new disk size. How to let the unallocated space (Which is clinging to the partition D) be clinging to the partition C? People tend to resort to solutions from Windows disk management in first time, but how does it works out?Windows 8 built-in Disk Management ToolWindows 8 has the function of resizing partition as Windows 7, but still with the same limitations. Then, how to solve it?How to Partition a Hard Drive with Windows Disk Management?It’s a matter involves in our hard drive.
One more thing you should make clear is that what the detail action you want to do to your disks? Fortunately, many users are satisfied with theWindows 7 Disk Management because it includes the resize partition feature like Windows 2008 and Vista. Probably the best thing to do is to get rid of all your snapshots before trying to do this.
Because of such limitations, users need to search some professional partition software such as partition magic Windows 8 alternative, AOMEI partition software to resize partitions, which can help you to increase or reduce the disk space of partition.Partition magic Windows 8 extending system partitionAOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition, which can resize partition directly without losing data, is a professional partition manager. As the powerful operating system managing our PCs, Windows should has its method and it does. While Windows 7 partition software - EaseUS Partition Master has ability to move partition and resize partition in Windows 7 Operating System.
This competitive software has easy-to-use wizards to simplify extend and shrink partition operations, copy partition and disk operations. On the left navigation, select “Disk Management”, we can partition a hard disk by right clicking it and choose the proper option and follow the guidance.This is the way which comes into our mind first and maybe the only way some of us can think about to partition hard disk. Now C drive is running out of space, how can I extend C drive?In this situation, when you start your computer, you are always getting a warning of low disk space. Therefore, whether you have got experience in manage partitions or not, you will find partition management has never been so easy and effective. Have you ever come across some software functioning at disk management on the web or heard about such tools? It has a graphic user interface, which makes it particularly user-friendly for novice or inexperienced computer users. If some of you haven’t, then you should pay attention and read the following words carefully.How to Partition Disks with AOMEI Partition AssistantActually, there are many tools for hard drive partition, and for time sake, I will introduce one for you----AOMEI Partition Assistant. The layout is similar to other office products with functions available listed on the left and menu items on the top. As for why I choose this one, obviously, for its good quality and comparatively chipper price.
Select one or more partitions from which you want to take free space to system C drive.Step6.

You can directly input the specified number or click these two small triangles upwards and downwards.
You can pull the slider or directly enter a size to which you want to increase system partition in the column.Step7.
In the next window, you can preview what exactly the operations the program will do to achieve your aim. Before click the "apply" on the tool bar to commit the operations, we can preview the changes in "Pending Operations". When an error occurs, the "Undo" "Redo" and "Discard" buttons can help correct the last step of the operation. All done, you can see the partition redistribution as the following screenshot.Besides this method, AOMEI Partition Pro also provides another two ways to solve this problem. The add-on space will be displayed as unallocated and locate at the end of the virtual disk.As the "WARNING" message mentioned above, to expand the size of the partitions, you must use third-party utility.
You can right click the E partition and choose “Resize Partition”, then swipe right forward the bar to generate an unallocated space that is adjacent to partition C (since the speed of merging adjacent partitions is much faster than nonadjacent ones), and then merge this unallocated space into C drive. In the pop-up window, put mouse pointer on either side of the graphic bar, when the pointer changes to left-right arrow, pull it towards the middle of the bar. For how far you should pull, it depends on how much space you want to shrink from the partition. Right click on C drive and choose "Resize".In the pop-up window, drag the right handle rightwards to merge unallocated space. Just follow the guidance and things should be plain sailing from now on.Are you looking for a stable and full-featured windows partition manager which can handle all operations on partitions? Then, click Apply on the upper left corner to start the operations you planed just now.Create a hard driveStep1. Click on the partition from which you plan to create a new one first, then choose “Create Partition” on left navigation or right click the partition and select “Create Partition”.Step2. In the pop-out window, it will automatically give a size and drive letter to the new partition.
If you are not satisfied with these default settings, just customized them according to your own thoughts.Step3. Similarly, click on the partition first, then choose “Delete Partition” on left navigation or right click the partition and select “Delete Partition”. The new function is special for partitioning a hard drive regularly or creating the same partition layout for a large quantity of computers.Since Windows system self-contained tool – Disk Management can partition a hard drive for us, why we need to bother ourselves to install a third-party software to do this?
For example, only when there is unallocated space very behind the partition you want to extend, you can extend it; you can only create new partition from an unallocated space, etc.

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