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These routines contain many different bodyweight exercises which help to strengthen your core, obliques, lower abs, hips and even your lower back. Below I have collected the best ab workouts at home that I have tested and I know they work. This routine contains the following exercises: leg lifts, flutter kicks, scissor kicks, iron cross, plank, reverse crunch with kicking, push ups.
If you need more tips on how to train abdominals at home, check this category and follow us or subscribe. Alternate Medicine, Health News What Happens to Your Body During a Heart Attack? I would also suggest using a matt or towel in terms of equipment to start or if it is good weather it is great to stretch outdoors. Taking one Yoga class can provide you with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to stretches. If you can stretch lightly twice a day do it in the morning for the energising effects and before sleeping as your muscles will be warm and the stretches will help relieve the days tension.
When stretching after exercise you can hold stretches for 30 seconds to develop the muscles. Everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes should be stretching lightly on a regular basis. I love adding easy Yoga moves to any workout because they always make me feel so good and light! I switch among Ashtanga Yoga and different forms of Activated Isolated Stretching where the opposing muscle groups are tensed while the other side is stretched. People who do strength training don’t realize that stretching allows the muscle to strengthen to its potential and prevents strength from being built on dysfunction.
After the workout (or sometimes during after 4hr mark) I do some basic stuff and toss in a few yoga like moves.
The oblique decline crunch is one of the most effective exercises to help strengthen your abdominal and oblique muscles. Exercise Instructions: Using a decline bench, position yourself with your feet locked in at the top.
Muscles Targeted: The abdominal area is made up of the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and a pair of oblique muscles. Why This Exercise is Important: Performing an exercise which focuses on strengthening abdominal muscles always helps in improving the core strength of the body.
Things To Avoid: There are various things that should be kept in mind when performing this exercise.
Reps and Sets: The number of sets and reps you perform depends upon your body type, level of fitness and level of endurance. Other Exercises To Use: There are various other exercises which targets the oblique muscles. ShapeFit is a health and fitness company dedicated to providing the best exercise, nutrition and wellness information and resources to help our visitors get in shape, stay fit and live a healthier and happier life! Mountain climber is one of the plyometric exercises which strengthen multiple muscle groups in addition to the cardiovascular system. Because of its ability to work multiple muscle groups, the mountain climber exercise is associated with multiple benefits.
Doing mountain climbers will make your body work to provide the tissues which are working with fuel and oxygen and because of this they will increase both your breathing and heart rates. Mountain climbers help you develop power in the lower body because of their explosive nature and this is why athletes frequently use them as a warm-up to help improve speed as well as prepare the neuromuscular system for the intense workout that follows. When doing mountain climbers your torso wona€™t sag towards the floor because of the work done by your obliques, abdominals and the muscles around your hips as they isometrically contract, holding your torso stable.
Here are some tips to keep in mind while doing this exercise as it can be difficult for beginners. If you are a beginner having difficulty with the exercise, try elevating your hands on a small bench or step.
If you are more advanced and want to make the mountain climber more challenging you can use a stability ball. The group of gluteal muscles are made up of the Glute Maximus, Glute Medius and Glute Minimus, collectively these group of muscles Abduct, Extend, Internally & Externally Rotate the hip. One of the main functions of the gluteal muscles is to stabilise the hip as we walk, run and climb stairs. In the case of someone with weak or misfiring glutes, they may have a trendelemburg gait, or waddle as they walk.

Anterior Hip or Knee Pain – weak glutes can cause increased internal rotation of the leg causing a patella tracking problem. Lower Body Misalignment – As above weak glutes can cause increased internal rotation of the leg leading to ankle pronation and knee valgus. By activating the gluteal muscles and strengthening them it will help to correct the muscle firing patterns and enhance the strength and performance of the group of muscles. The following exercises have been found during EMG studies to be the best all round exercises to isolate and strengthen the gluteal muscles. Front Plank with Hip Extension: try to build up the time you can hold this position, maybe start with 10 sec in front plank, extend left hip for 5 secs and repeat with the right.
Side Plank with Hip Abduction: try to build up the time you can hold this position, maybe start with 10 sec in side plank, as you get better abduct left hip for 5 secs and repeat with the right side. And finally a single leg squat, there are a number of ways to do this exercise depending on your ability and injury. I instruct clients to do this exercise on the last step of the stairs and once they have mastered activating their glute muscles and they are squatting correctly they can work their way into a deeper squat. There are a number of glute strengthening exercises that can be done, those above maybe to difficult for you to start with.
If you are suffering from Knee Pain, Hip Pain or Low back pain, please contact me for a consultation and treatment at Range of Motion Physical Therapy Dublin. I am really enjoying the Pilates classes with Andy, he pays attention to everyone in the group so you know if you are holding yourself correctly or not. You can do as many sets as you want and rest only a little between the sets which helps to keep your breath level high, this way you will burn more calories.
For core stability, the abdominal muscles do little without proper strength and conditioning of the muscles, and injury, aches and pains can occur more frequently. So often we overlook stretching as it doesn’t hold the same appeal as lifting weights, running, swimming or playing sports and this can be to our detriment.
Stretching first thing in the morning will not only help circulate blood around the body but help hormones get flowing and your lymphatic system kick into gear. The problem with demonstrating stretches without being there in person is that those unfamiliar with stretching may find it hard to grasp some of the movements. I think the most important point to remember is that long-lasting results from stretching (ie.
Just rolling on it for a while relaxes muscles and gives the feeling like you have just had an expensive massage session. This exercise focuses directly on the sides of your midsection which are also called the love handles. Performing oblique decline crunches not only trains your abdominal muscles to get stronger but it enables you to get rid of excess fat from around your abdominals when combined with proper nutrition and cardio exercise.
Such things include keeping your neck in proper alignment and breathing out when lifting your upper body upwards. For beginners it is recommended to start with lower reps and focus on using correct technique.
You can also perform this exercise using weights like a dumbbell, weighted plate or a medicine ball for more resistance. ShapeFit has thousands of pages of fitness content with fun and interactive tools to help our visitors lose body fat, build lean muscle and increase their energy levels. To this exercise, you must activate the core abdominal muscles in addition to those in both the lower and upper body. The stress involved in this exercise helps develop the cardiovascular system by strengthening the heart and lungs in addition to burning calories.
When you do mountain climbers over time, you will experience an increase in the explosiveness of your lower body. If you want a bigger challenge for your core, try placing your hands on top of a medicine ball that is by your chesta€™s center. When you do a mountain climber, the proper form will mean that your weight is distributed evenly between each of your feet and hands.
You would place your arms and forearms on the ball during the exercise to help create the additional challenge of balancing. The hip rotators can also be referred to as the hip stabilisers (like the rotator cuff of the shoulder), the larger gluteal muscles work to move the hip while the smaller hip rotator group help to stabilise the hip during movement. This is done by contracting the gluteal muscles on our stance leg, which works against gravity and maintains a level pelvis, as the opposite leg swings forward. This is normally more prevalent in elderly people who have to hike their hip up as they walk to ensure they do not trip or stumble.

While performing this exercise it is important to ensure you are activating (turning on) your glute muscles. I have included some easier glute activation exercises in the video above and progress to the more advanced exercises. With the high levels of training required unfortunately I picked up a few injuries, thankfully Andy was at hand to help me though the injuries.
As a customer I always feel I am getting value for money in both the treatment itself and in the knowledge that Andy is always up skilling to become aware of the best treatment for customers. These abs exercises will help you to strengthen the whole abdominal muscles and burn belly fat at the same time. You can do it three for times a week, but it only woks if you do other calorie burning activities and follow a good diet. Regular stretching can have a profound effect on our bodies just look at how effective Yoga is. Hence why I like to start each day with a tall glass of water and a light stretching routine. On the other hand stretches can be used to wind down and relieve the days tension, so they really work both ways in balancing the bodies energy. For those new to sports I would suggest asking for some guidance from someone you know has a knowledge in sports and specifically stretching. The upper and middle abs are targeted very well along with the hip flexors which work as a secondary muscle group.
After some time, you can increase the amount of sets and reps and duration of this exercise. You can also perform oblique crunches without using an inclined bench by just laying down on the floor. This is a great option to incorporate in a circuit workout, especially between strength training exercises which are less intense as they will help you keep your heart rate in the right zone. If you want to use the exercise to help your quickness, try to remain on the balls and switch leg positions as fast as you can. During the movement your hips should be as low as they can be and you should bring the knees as close to your chest as possible, preferably almost under the shoulders.
Another option is to decrease your range of motion by not bringing your knees up as close to your chest and making shorter jumps.
If you have mastered this, try straightening your arms on the stability ball for an even bigger challenge. Or just start lightly, you should ease off the stretch as soon as you feel some tension in the targeted muscle.
Other exercises which will help you strengthen your oblique muscles include hanging oblique knee raises, dumbbell oblique side bends and lying side oblique crunches. When you do the mountain climber, it is important to always ensure that your angle is perfect.
View our extensive database of exercise guides for a comprehensive list of exercises that target the abs. In this exercise you twist the torso to either the left or the right side so that the oblique muscles are targeted. Even if you work hard, if your angle is not correct, you will not see results and will have gone through a wasted effort. Because of this, it is important that you not only maintain the proper angle with your legs, but proper posture as well in order to ensure the best results. The key to maximizing this exercise is to really flex your midsection for a one-count at the top of the movement. When you follow the steps listed above, you will be able to maintain the proper posture and angle while doing a mountain climber and by doing so, lose weight and see your stomach shrink.
Pay special attention to your knees as many people tend to create a gap here but that should be avoided. If the recommended position is uncomfortable for you, it is alright to modify it slightly as long as you maintain the correct posture. Step 7: After you have done various repetitions, if you would like a challenge try placing your hands on a slightly raised platform or a step as this will make the mountain climber a bit more difficult.

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