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We have many people wondering about this Automatic E-mail Tagging option that is available in the CRM Diagnostics and what it does.
The e-mail tagging process is a process that polls the CRM Server for messages that are currently tracked in Outlook. When the e-mail tagger process starts, the client computer sends a request to the Dynamics CRM Server to get a list of the top 51 recently tracked e-mail messages on which the current user is a party. If the CRM for Outlook client machine receives 51 records back in the response from the CRM Server, it increases the request to the last 101 e-mail messages. As the user receives new e-mail messages in their inbox, this table is updated with the messageId of the new message, as well as the EntryId so it can locate the message if it later needs to be tagged.
When an object is moved within Outlook, or is deleted, it also inhibits the ability of the CRM Add-in to find the record in the user’s mailbox. If the email is sent outside of the Exchange domain, the User-Defined properties will be removed for the email that is received by the recipient. Next, there are also URLs that are required for use when accessing CRM Online and these should not be blocked either. Description: The IDs of all records a user has Read access to are initially selected into a temporary table in SQL Server, and then the overall results of the user query are filtered against the IDs in the temporary table. When to consider: Because SQL Server selects the IDs of all records a user has Read access to, consider using this value only when users typically have Read access to a small set of records.
Description: Defaults to “OR”-based filtering for security, but the IDs of teams the user is a member of or business units the user has visibility into are passed in instead of being calculated through table joins in the query. When to consider: Consider using when most users have Read access to most records without the use of sharing, and most users are members of a small number of teams and have access to records in a small number of business units.
Description: Defaults to “OR”-based filtering for security, and team membership and business unit visibility are always calculated through table joins.
When to consider: For smaller organizations, this format of security filtering is often sufficient and may not require as much memory (RAM) on the SQL Server as the default ERMO setting. Get Convergence updates and expand your industry insights—and maybe even widen your circle of business contacts— by joining the Microsoft Dynamics Community LinkedIn group.
There will be a lot of great new content being talked about and it should a great time for those attending!

There is this perceived mysterious functionality of the E-mail Router and I am hoping this series will further explain what the E-mail Router does, how to get it functioning, why it does what it does, and how to get the most out of the E-mail Router. 1.      E-mail Router explanation - Here I will discuss the various options for the E-mail Router and what the advantages and disadvantages of each component is.
This document demonstrates how to setup and leverage the integration between Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Describes the security, continuity, and compliance policies and controls for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service offering. The feisty independent candidate though is the best hope that a dose of reality will be injected in both Democratic and Republican campaigns that mostly have been about stagecraft, cash and cheap political attacks.
In contrast to Clinton's high-profile announcement and inch-by-inch orchestrated roll-out in Iowa, Sanders took on hoard of journalists and curious onlookers outside the Capitol yesterday to explain why he's up to the challenge.
Sanders, a self-described Democratic socialist, doesn't have a fraction of the campaign infrastructure of the Clinton Machine and her $1B to $2B war chest.
Sanders, whom the New York Times, referred to as a "grumpy grandfather-type," revels in his reputation for being gruff, bold and honest. He's already knocked the fund-raising practices of the Clinton Foundation, and will challenge Hillary on healthcare (single-payer Medicare system for everyone), economy, Wall Street reform, income inequality, foreign policy and environment. Sanders will force Clinton to flesh out her positions, which will ultimately make her a stronger candidate.
Joe Honick, GMA International Ltd (May 6, 2015):Bernie Sanders is both a necessity in American politics and a major league question mark. The Dynamics CRM Support blog was created to provide insights, knowledge, and techniques that support engineers around the globe utilize each day. If there are CRM Server side modifications, it will retrieve these changes from the CRM server to Outlook for modified e-mails only.
It does this until it can confirm that it is processing all of the messages where this user is a party that occurred after the timestamp in the query. It uses this information to find the object within Outlook, and updates the records custom properties.
It can be set to a lesser value allowing the Outlook client E-mail tagger to process records that are not as old.

There are IP Address Ranges used by CRM Online that should not be blocked by a firewall, antivirus, or any other network appliance. Useful primarily in smaller data sets where a specific entity, or record type, has only a few thousand records at most. The 73-year-old politico doesn't plan a formal kick-off of the campaign until May 26 in Burlington, where he once served as Mayor. In contrast to his moneybags opponent, Bernie doesn't plan to set up a "super PAC" to suck in donations. This table is used as an index of the user’s mailbox so that the CRM Add-in does not have to consistently scan the user’s mailbox looking for items to tag. Once here, select Design this Form, click the All Fields tab, and select User-defined fields in this item.
When using the Email Router for incoming and outgoing emails, the CRM for Outlook client cannot tell whether or not the emails should be tracked, as they are routed through the Email Router for tracking instead. If two CRM users are included on an email, each user has the option to track this into CRM. The series will continue over the next few weeks and will include helpful information as well as videos. When it tries to find the object in Outlook, you may notice read requests to the Exchange server if Outlook is not configured for Cached Exchange mode. Since the tagging process's main goal is to retrieve changes to emails from the CRM Server and bring them to the CRM for Outlook client, tagging will see that these emails have been added to or changed in CRM and that they should be tracked when requesting records from the CRM Server and it will then pull down these change to the CRM for Outlook client to show these emails as tracked.
Now, if  User1 tracks this to a specific record (Record A), the Set Regarding record will then be updated on the CRM Server for that email. However, if User2 tracks this email from their CRM for Outlook client and sets the regarding to a different record in CRM (Record B), this will update the Set Regarding for the same email record on the CRM Server. If tagging is enabled on User1's CRM for Outlook client, this set regarding change will roll down to User1's email in their CRM for Outlook client and they will now see this Set Regarding to Record B.

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