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By default when you export data from table into charts by going to Insert > Chart and you choose the chart, be it the column or bar chart, it only gives either X axis or Y axis to give the data range. Under name you can either type in the name or clicking on the small icon besides will let you select the data range from the excel sheets. Clicking on chart type will give you the Chart Type window and Select the Bar or Column Chart from this window. Now you should be able to see bar or column layout of your graph with X & Y Axis plotted.
This is often a fantastic web site which aids me to have a lot more information to the topic. Asking questions are genuinely nice thing if you are not understanding something entirely, however this paragraph gives good understanding even.
If a residential plot of 47ftx18ft is divided into 16 equal parts by drawing lines from the centre of plot making 16 triangles of 11.25 degrees,how can I measure the triangles area of all 16 triangles saparately and show the values of all on a bar chart. A beefed-up version of the Big Mac index suggests that the Chinese yuan is now close to its fair value against the dollar.. The Interview became Sony’s “#1 online film of all time,” grossing $15 million from sales and rentals in the US and Canada. Strategic Framework Agreement for a Relationship of Friendship and Cooperation between the US of A and Rep. This article discusses about issues of Antitrust & Anticompetitive agencies of 5 major mergers in the Corporate US. Note: This step is just a possible way to inform Excel what information to use for the line.
Go to legend tab in the same step and I choose to show the legend at the bottom, it sort of gives my graph a better room to show data.
Add a new label to the data (1), and click on the cell under it to type =average(all the data with value) (2).

You should repeat this step on all the remaining cells to match the rows of the remaining columns.
In this topic, We will see what are the different objects or elements related to charts, and how to access chart elements and change the chart properties.
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And then we will see what is the chart wizard in Excel what is the use of Chart Wizard in Excel.
We can see the chart and quickly understand how the customers are liking a product.On left, we can see the data with customer satisfied. By looking the charts, we can quickly say that the customer satisfaction level is very good with the item.
This is an example of Bar chart in Excel, which is suitable for quickly understanding the ranking data.There are various types of the charts available in Excel to represent the data.
We discuss this in Chart Types Tutorial.Basic Elements of Excel ChartsThe above chart is the basic charts in Excel, We can customize the charts by dealing with different Chart Element Objects and its properties. Most of the times we generally deal with Chart Area, Plot Area, Chart Title, Legends, X-Axis, Y-Axis, Data Labels Data Series and Gridlines .
We can format the Chart Area and change its border and background colors to make the charts looks more cleaner.
Legends, Chart Titles and Plot Areas are the three major child elements of Chart Area.Generally we do not change the background color of the charts to make it look more professional. We can access the Plot Area and Format it to suit or needs.It is same as Chart Area, if your project need different background color then we change it.
There are three different chart titles we can provide in Excel charts, One Chart Title and Two Axis Titles.Chart TitleChart title is the main title of the chart, which is generally represents your chart and tell users what is this chart all about. Here is the Example Chart Tile we provided for the above Data.It is important to tell your user, What is this chart all about.

However, some time we may need to provide longer titles to make it more clear.Most of the times x-axis will have all your categories, so your x-axis title would be your category column name. We can take the advantage of the Chart Legend to show the difference between two categories.Here is the example data and Chart with legends to understand the use of Chart Legends. And Legends will help you to understand by providing the color definitions for each category of the data.You can align the legends at any side of the Chart Area. If you have more number of category series, we generally place at right side of the chart plot area. Make sure when we have longer category labels, we need to format chart axis to correctly fit the axis label into the chartBasic Elements of Excel Charts – Y-AxisY-Axis in Excel Charts is the Vertical Axis element in the chart.
If we have two different types of data metrics, we can provide two y-axes, one is primary axis and the another one is secondary axis. Some times we may have large numbers in our data, in this case our chart looks more confusing. We can choose all of these elements or any few as per our requirement.Data labels looks good when we have one or two data series. If you have more number of series, your chart looks confusing with overlapping data labels.
There are many charts provided to choose as per our data, and its provide recommended charts based on selected data.Ther are many options in Chart Wizard, we can create template with our frequently used charts. Chowdhury June 23, 2015 at 9:08 PM - ReplyI seek your kind cooperation to make a graph in excel with the undermentioned details.

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