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In 2008, Beatriz Preciado published Testo Junkie, an unclassifiable essay that turned the academic world upside down and placed her as an international reference on what happens when you take testosterone outside a medical protocol or even outside a gender re-assignment protocol. Testo Junkie was recently published in the US, which presented me with the perfect excuse to get in touch.
Obviously, when you take testosterone there are molecular changes taking place in your body, but above all there is a shift in your social position.
Just like the girls on our Beautiful Liverpool documentary—who injected melanin to get tanned, despite admitting it makes them feel ill when they take it, and even knowing that they might get a skin cancer.
There are a lot of stories going around about the re-appropriation of Testogel; people taking it for sex parties, for instance. Gender production practices are hugely standardised, codified and have always been under the control of a group of powers.
I think these kind of thoughts about hormones and the body are not exclusive to transsexuals.
Why is there so much fuss about testosterone and not estrogens or with other types of hormone treatments, when they seem equally fucked up to me, or even worse?
I’m in quite a difficult situation because there are people from regulatory transsexual groups who take a very critical eye to my use of testosterone, and that shocks me. Although Beatriz agreed to talk to me about her thesis, she’s not very fond of the press. So testosterone is to do with the management of your own body, but it goes way beyond that. The fallopian tubes, for example, didn’t exist in 1614, neither did the ovaries or the uterus.

There is a wild use of testosterone, but I suppose in 20 years there will be a whole new management field which will probably be under the control of the pharmaceutical companies. There are also other side effects which have to do with the management and restriction of feminine desire and feminine libido – of feminine sexuality.
If there is a testosterone black market it’s because testosterone is socially and politically confiscated and because the hormone management is completely asymmetrical. One of the interesting things about Testogel or testosterone, and one of the reasons why it does not work as a recreational drug is that you can’t use it without previous planning. It’s as if testosterone were a political drug and because masculinity and heterosexual virility are socially an up-and-coming value. When I began taking testosterone, there were some precedents like Michael Jackson who show that the management of our own bodies is so encoded that, for example, a person having a darker pigmentation is immediately racialised.
And if you drink a beer, you will be climbing the walls and when you get home you’ll be knackered. There are political disciplines that are totally accepted, like the fact that you must take the pill if you have been assigned the female sex, even if you’re a lesbian. Food and Drug Administration, any food that makes a non-FDA approved health claim is advertising itself as a drug, not a food.
In these times of epistemic crisis, the most important thing is that all of a sudden some improper uses of body production techniques appear and allegedly disempowered groups begin to appropriate a set of body techniques to produce something else. Of course, if the food is actually a drug, then it suddenly becomes subject to all the laws, testing, and requirements of regulated drugs. The medical institution doesn’t want to admit that you might want to use hormones strategically.

On the one hand, it’s good to hold food makers responsible for the claims they make when marketing food.
We wouldn’t want Cocoa Krispies to advertise itself as an effective way to keep your kids from contracting the Swine Flu, would we? They removed the health claims from their website.I grow even more upset when I see the FDA approving health claims for radically unhealthy, industrial foods. Our all-natural sunflower, canola, corn and soybean oils are considered to be healthier oils by the FDA because they contain good polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which help lower total and LDL “bad” cholesterol and maintain HDL “good” cholesterol levels. They also contain <20% of the bad saturated fat, which raises LDL, cholesterol and 0g fo trans fat. Yet some of these companies are fighting back against the FDA’s absurd position that it is illegal to disseminate scientific research showing the favorable effects these foods produce in the body. The makers of pomegranate juice, for example, have sued the FTC for censoring their First Amendment right to communicate scientific information to the public.As a consumer, you should be outraged that disease-promoting foods are protected by the federal government, while nutritious foods are censored.
The regulations conveniently forget the link between food and health, assuming that any health claim automatically makes the food a drug subject to all the regulations of other medicines.
This has really gotten out of hand, I’m wondering how long until we see radical changes to food laws here in Oz, next thing we will be getting randomly searched and fined for food possession! What is Obama thinking when he turns his head to the horrible facts of GMO’s, and puts a Hitler in charge of our food supply?

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