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To test this, he found two subjects who were undergoing testosterone-injection therapy: A 60-year-old man who was getting the injections to restore his upper-body strength, and a 28-year-old biological woman who three years into a transgender program to become a man. Overall, testosterone had the effect of suppressing the participants’ use of non-I pronouns.
On the one hand, that matches up with traditional claims about increased testosterone — that it makes you into a kind of gently sociopathic, type-A jerk.
I'm Clive Thompson, the author of Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better (Penguin Press). But the really interesting thing is that Pennebaker did not detect any other big changes in the subjects’ emotional states. You can order the book now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powells, Indiebound, or through your local bookstore! I'm also a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and a columnist for Wired magazine.

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