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We are the most effective way to get your press release into the hands of reporters and news producers. All were either sexually active with men or planning to become active when the study began. This three (3) minute clip from Life Dynamics' Maafa21 DVD, featuring Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics, Inc. Similar to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and serving FREE drinks as the ship is sinking to passengers already on board.Studying the effects FREE birth control will have on women who have NEVER been sexually active or used birth control, however will reveal different results.

The study showed that just 5% were virgins among those without partners at the time of the survey. At the end of the study only 46% were still virgins, which means 54% were NO LONGER virgins. This is a 54% INCREASE in sexual activity from a group of women who started at 0% and were given FREE birth control. Studies from the CDC show that, prior to legalization of abortion, approximately 80% of all illegal abortions were done on white women.

One study in New York even found that white women had five-times as many abortions as black women.

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