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According to Anderson, three students were arrested as a result of the October 31 Vista Grande raid: two female students, ages 15 and 17, as well as one 15-year-old male. But it's worth noting that he wasn't very vocal about the sanctity and fairness of the game when his starting left tackle and blind side protector Duane Brown was suspended in 2010 for violating the NFL's performance enhancement drugs policy. To overthrow her mother's Life Fiber fashion industry (although her younger sister did all the work for, but succeed). Satsuki Kiryuin is the president of Honnoji Academy's Student Council and the first antagonist in the anime Kill La Kill, but later becoming a deuteragonist after her plans to overthrow her mother's Life Fiber fashion industry came to fruition. She is later revealed to be the sister of Ryuko and the two join forces in order to defeat Ragyo in the climactic battle against the Life Fibers, who sought to enslave and destroy the human race.
Satsuki is a tall slim woman with an angular face similar to her mother's with long dark blue hair and blue eyes.
Satsuki was the first born child to Ragyo and Sochiro Kiryuin, and soon became the first failed test subject of being fused with Life Fibers.
Prideful to say the least, Satsuki is extremely intelligent, calculating, patient, while simultaneously unwavering and iron-fisted. Satsuki genuinely loved her father and her sister, enough to avenge them by attacking the mother who disposed of them. In Episode 24, as Ryuko falls back to Earth, Satsuki screams at her to hang in there, and catches her with the help of essentially every other character, holding on to her as the force from Ryuko's descent propels them all backward into the school.
During the credits, Satsuki is shown joining Ryuko and Mako on their "date", showing that she is really a kind individual who has come to care greatly for her little sister. Physical Prowess - Satsuki is accepted as the most powerful fighter of the Academy with almost superhuman physical strength, speed, endurance and reflexes.
High Intelligence - She is also highly intelligent and manipulative as seen by her plan to take down her mother and the various people she deceived and manipulated in the process. Satsuki also has two toenails made of the same material as the Bakuzan, which she can use just as effectively. After her first clash with Ryuko, Satsuki donned the Kamui Junketsu and was able to force the blood-thirsty uniform to bow to her will. After Ryuko rips off Junketsu and being freed of Ragyo's mind control, Satsuki has Junketsu modified, such that it is infused with the blood of Ryuko and Mako, as well as the fibers of Senketsu, to tailor it to her needs. Life Fiber Synchronize – After Ryuko is brainwashed by Ragyo and forced to don Junketsu, Satsuki wears Senketsu to combat Ryuko. Ryuko has stated that Satsuki and Senketsu are not truly synchronized, and Satsuki is merely commanding Senketsu to do as she says.
Secret Sword Bakuzan Satsuki is a master swordsman who wields the Bakuzan, a black-bladed katana in a white sheath with an edge that is claimed to be keener than Ryuko's Scissor Blade.
Swordsmaster - Bakuzan was a special sword capable of severing Life Fibers, that was noted by Satsuki to have a sharper edge than that of a Scissor blade. Episode 1: Satsuki's "facts of this world" are heavily inspired by George Orwell's most famous novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Celebrity stretch marks is an online magazine for women, created to bring awareness and proof that celebs are not perfect, appearance wise. We currently live in a world where we are constantly being bombarded by hundreds of images of women (usually celebrities and other famous people) who appear to have flawless faces, skin and bodies. The ads and images we see, are not what they really look like: Photoshop, professional make-up, and special lightening can make a plump “plain Jane” look like a goddess. The sad truth is, we live in a capitalised society that “defines” not only how we think, but how we look as well.

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In my opinion, penis is a part of body and you can make it bigger with exercises like another parts. However, after Soichiro learned the truth about Ragyo, he knew that he would be punished if he betrayed her. Unlike with Ryuko and Senketsu, she had no shame in wearing the Kamui Junketsu in its most revealing form; she claims that her actions in donning Junketsu are, like the Kamui's name implies, "utterly pure".
While very harsh and not very willing to tolerate failures, she does care a great deal for the Elite Four; and is as protective of them (in her own hidden ways) as they are to her.
Likewise, despite a bitter, almost hatred-fueled rivalry with Ryuko for most of the series, Satsuki noticeably softens up to her when she learns that Ryuko is the sister she'd long believed to be dead.
Naked Sol in Episode 22, Satsuki allows Ryuko, still synchronized with Senketsu, to punch her, although the Elite Four protect her by standing in the way.
She shows this when the gang has a celebratory dinner of Sukuyo Mankanshoku's signature croquettes, when she agrees with Mako about their being delicious; and when Nonon and Uzu have an argument involving disrespect (Nonon Jakuzure) and lack of tact (Uzu), telling Ira that hearing them bicker "makes it feel that I've truly come home". She also shows a somewhat shy side as she blushes when Mako and Ryuko take a picture of the three of them together. Her middle-school self was able to emit a fighting spirit capable of downing 500 men, and she was able to incapacitate Ira Gamagori despite his superior size, age and with him wearing steel armor. Likewise she demonstrated a strong sense of patience and willpower, to endure the capture and torture at the hands of her mother, while slowly planning an escape route and having the forethought to alter two of her toenails using the same material as her sword Bakuzan. Her utter lack of shame at her appearance also allowed her to immediately attain Junketsu's Life Fiber Override and true form. As a result, Junketsu now gains access to Senketsu's alternate forms while placing much less stress on her body. Despite this, Senketsu acknowledges that Satsuki and its heart are one with the desire to bring Ryuko back to her senses. In the novel, the Party's slogans—"War is Peace", "Freedom is Slavery", and "Ignorance is Strength"—were paradoxical statements that held hidden truths about the world in the novel. Our goal is to promote a more realistic and positive image of women’s bodies and encourage them to reject the unnatural body and beauty images portrayed by the media. The media does us an injustice: magazines, street ads, tv and the internet of course, are excessively used to promote a false ideology of what beauty is, but in reality has little to no connection with nature and reality at all.
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Our aim is to provide an ethical resource for the new generation of celebrity fans, and show that even the biggest stars are just like you and I. At the end of the series she cuts her formerly long hair to shoulder length in page boy style. In the beginning of the anime, Satsuki refers to people as "pigs in human clothing," and justifies that the weak and foolish must be ruled. As a child, she would always drink Soroi's tea in order to protect his feelings; despite disliking its bitterness for a long time, she eventually found it delicious.
After explaining the reasons for her actions to Ryuko, Satsuki calls herself a fool; she states that she cannot hope to win against Ragyo by employing her cruel methods—which include manipulating and using one's own family.

Even when stark naked, and with her hands restrained, she still had enough skill and power to kill multiple COVERS using nothing more than her two altered toenails. Under Junketsu's power, Satsuki is granted incredible power, and even the smallest of attacks are capable of causing exceptional devastation. While transformed, Satsuki is shown to be able to use all of Senketsu's alternate forms such as Senketsu Senjin and Senketsu Shippu, although not at their full power. Senketsu is eventually shredded apart by Ryuko, but reforms itself in time to protect Mako. While durable enough to clash with Ryuko's Scissor Blade on their multiple battles, the Bakuzan was eventually broken when clashing against Ragyo's fist. The shards are eventually reforged into Bakuzan Gako and Bakuzan Koryu, a long blade and short blade respectively, which are given to Nonon Jakuzure and Ira Gamagori respectively. Satsuki's "facts of this world" speech, coupled with Ira's execution of the Goku Uniform thief, were intentionally chosen to introduce her as a ruthless dictator. And even though A-list celebs have access to the most expensive and bizarre beauty treatments such as the use of bird poo and blood skin treatments, they are not perfect by any means—celebrities with stretch marks are more common than you think. These ads do not actually sell products, they sell images of beauty that target the minds of women of all ages and evoke fear for making them take an action e.g. Yes it's true, even the biggest stars, with teams of professional make-up artists and stylists, still suffer from common conditions like stretch marks! He then revealed that Junketsu will be her "wedding dress" before he took an infant Ryuko with him into hiding. Due to her steadfast convictions, she also possess a natural charisma and ability to lead others.
When she reminisces about this to Soroi, Satsuki herself notes that she must have been a kind-hearted girl if she'd gone that far to protect her butler's feelings. Satsuki finally sees that the world's beauty comes not from being "cut from the same cloth", but from the innumerable, unexplainable things that the world overflows with. She is also capable of altering her Kamui's shape, as seen when she altered one of her shoulder guards into a drill to attack Ryuko. Bakuzan Koryu is then passed onto Uzu Sanageyama, as Gamagori claims that he is more proficient with blades.
High resolution non-manipulated pics with celebrity stretch marks and cellulite are a solid proof of this. Over a period of time the fibers in this layer of skin can break down which then exposes the blood vessels beneath. I want to thank every one for everything and for being so nice on sweet and for an excellent job done to me. In spite of her pride, Satsuki is shown to be pragmatic and determined, willing to cast aside pride and using whatever means necessary in order to secure victory, even if it threatens her life. She asks Ryuko to help her fight to protect that "beautiful world"; upon saying her part, Satsuki bows to Ryuko—a shocking sign of sincerity. However, due to her inability to overcome the human race's resistance to the Life Fibers, she is unable to fully synchronize with her Junketsu, thus being shy of it's full power and capabilities, while exerting greater pressure and fatigue on her body.
This is the main reason that stretch marks look very red in the early stages, but will later die down to a less noticeable silver colour. When fighting Ragyo, Satsuki noted that her willingness to fight her mother and the Life Fibers was due to revenge, noting that great causes are born from personal desires.
Though Ryuko tries to stay angry at her, this uncharacteristic act convinces her to let her anger go. Now holding two blades, their effect is the same as the twin Scissor Blades, being capable of damaging Life Fibers beyond their regenerative powers. For example, in Episode 23, she follows Ryuko's plan, distracting Ragyo while allowing Ryuko to reach the Life Fiber core unhindered. Satsuki's skill with these blades is extensive and adaptable, as she has gone toe-to-toe against various other sword wielding opponents. Later, in Episode 24, she tells the Elite Four to destroy the transmitter while she and Ryuko fight Ragyo.

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