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Delmon Scaffolding and Formwork is part of the Delmon Group of Companies which has been operating continuously in the UAE for almost 40 years. Oriental Group launched a Digital Division in Bahrain in May 2008, in the first stage of a programme to establish Digital Media Companies in all the major financial centres in the Gulf region.
The latest Variable Data Technology allows clients to communicate with customers using a vast array of personalized products, ensuring a much higher response rate to traditional a€?statica€™ communication pieces. This new approach to the printed product enables customers to produce what is required and when it is needed.
Dubai International Print Award 2012 ceremony, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai on 8th February 2012 where our President Mr.Majeed Al Zeera was awarded the "Personality of the Year" Award. Nass Sand Processing Plant is the largest supplier of washed building sand to Bahrain’s construction industry.
Nass Commercial initially started operation as a support function for Nass The Group contracting division in the early 1960’s.
At Nass Commercial we are committed to providing the highest standards of customer service to our clients in order to support them in achieving excellence in their operations.
Established in 1996, Nass Landscapes offers the highest standard of complete professional services in the field of landscape construction, maintenance and horticulture.
The Nass Landscapes team consists of qualified and experienced Landscape Horticulturists and Project Managers with a wealth of experience in the execution of a wide variety and scale of projects in the Middle East.
Our portfolio of projects include large scale installations such as the original Riffa Golf Course, the irrigation system and landscaping at the new Royal Golf Club, the VIP Villas Complex at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Arad Bay Conservation Area, King Hamad General Hospital, Bahrain Map Junction and HRH Prince Khalifa Park. Established in 1978 as a joint venture with Balfour Kilpatrick International, Nass Electrical undertakes all kinds of electrical and instrumentation contracting works. As a registered Grade 1 Contractor by the Electricity Distribution Directorate of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Nass Electrical is one of the few electrical contractors in the Kingdom of Bahrain that is specialized in the laying of 66kV cables, LV and HV cable distribution, laying and jointing as well as having strong capabilities in all types of electrical works for the building industry as well as electrical distribution and transmission.

Nass Electrical has gained a reputation for the delivery of high quality projects that are within budget and on schedule. Bahrain Organic Products was established in 1997 and remains Bahrain’s only manufacturer of organic fertilizers for landscaping and agricultural applications.
Delmon has grown over the years to become one of the most trusted temporary works equipment suppliers in the Gulf, servicing the region with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Doha, Muscat and Riyadh. Established in 1977, the Company was the first sand washing plant on the island and has grown to become an industry leader with a production capacity of over 3,000 tonnes daily. Plant 1 has a capacity of 1,500 tonnes per day and the Plant 2 has a capacity of 2,000 tonnes per day.
However, the company became independent in 1986 and took over responsibility for the mercantile division and other trading activities, and over the past two decades, has grown to become an industry leader. We own a showroom in a prominent industrial area, alongside an adequately stocked warehouse that offers clients enhanced convenience and accessibility of all our products and services. Aligned with this mission, the company has developed a dedicated quality system which meets the requirements of the international standard BS EN ISO9001:2000. With almost two decades of experience, the Company has proven its ability to deliver a very wide scope of work from the biggest and most high value & quality jobs in Bahrain to private villas and public road landscaping, making Nass Landscaping the preferred partner of choice. Our experience and professionalism is evident in the loyalty afforded to the Company by the Country’s major hotels who entrust Nass Landscapes with annual maintenance contracts. We have also successfully carried out the contract for public landscape and irrigation installation at Riffa Views and for the mainland access road at Durrat Al Bahrain. The company offers a comprehensive service from design and supply, to installation and commissioning, for a wide range of commercial and industrial electrical projects. The company has also successfully completed a leading Term Contract for Electricity Distribution Department and BAPCO for major 11kV networks schemes, and street-lighting works on main roads with installation up to 35m high masts.

Our growing list of prestigious local and regional clientele are serviced by a team of highly skilled and accredited professionals with extensive experience and expertise across a wide range of industry with a strong focus on the energy and construction sector.
The company operates a large capacity rotating oven to heat treat chicken and animal manures. Delmon is the distributer for Ulma Formwork for the entire GCC region except for KSAWith our own brand of locally manufactured equipment and as distributer for ULMA, Delmon has the most diverse product range on the market, enabling us to provide safe and cost effective solutions for every conceivable formwork, shoring or access application. The company represents various international manufacturers and provides comprehensive sales, distribution, spare parts, and after-sales service facilities.
In acknowledging the importance of suppliers, the company seeks to establish partnerships with equally professional companies who follow internationally accepted standards.
The Company also has long standing business relationships with major commercial and industrial sites such as the GPIC.
Other major infrastructure projects completed are Zayed Town, Hidd Industrial Area, Durrat infrastructure.
Nass Commercial also has associations with various well-reputed manufacturers of equipment and products across the globe.
The products are well acknowledged and trusted by all our customers, which is reflected in our large market share on the island.

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