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AVR M30 The AVR M30 is a heavy machine gun based on the M60 and produced by the RDA for the Avatar program.
The M60D Enhanced is a gas-operated, disintegrating-link, belt-fed, air-cooled machine gun.
Like other nations which faced German troops, the USA gave a great deal of attention to German machine guns. The M60 machine gun is a gas-operated, belt-fed, air-cooled weapon which fires from an open bolt and in automatic mode only.
M60E1:an improved version of the basic weapon, with Stellite-lined barrels, a gas cylinder and bipod attached to the receiver instead of barrel, anda number of other improvements. M60E2: coaxial tank version, with a remote trigger and gas evacuating tube attached to the front of the gas cylinder. M60 Lightweight:an improved version of the M60, developed during the 1970s by the Sacodivision of Maremont Corp.
M60E3:a derivative of the M60 Lightweight, sharing most of its features plusa lightweight plastic forearm combined with a front pistol grip. The M60 traces its roots to the late WWII-era M26 Pershing heavy tank from which the M48 was developed.
The resulting M60 series largely resembles the M48 it was based on, but has significant differences.
Originally designated the M68, the new vehicle was put into production in 1959, reclassified as the M60, and entered service in 1960. M60A2 tank is driven off LARC 60 amphibious landing craft during the Army exposition PROLOG '85. The M60A2, nicknamed the "Starship" due to its Space Age technology, featured an entirely new low-profile turret with a commander's machine-gun cupola on top, giving the commander a good view and field of fire while under armor but spoiling the low profile. The M60A3 was phased out of US service in 1997,[9] but it remained a front-line MBT into the 21st century for a number of other countries. The M60A3 had a notably better thermal imaging system than that of the M1 up into the 21st Century, when many M1s had newer ones installed. The diesel had lower performance, but also had lower cost, maintenance and better fuel efficiency. The exhaust temperature of an M1's turbine is very high, which makes it dangerous for infantry to take cover behind it, rather than the diesel engine on an M60A3. The escape hatch located under the hull of the M60A3 is not present in the M1 Abrams, making it more difficult for the crew to bail out of a battle-damaged Abrams than a M60A3. The M60 series' L68A1 105mm main gun fires a much wider variety of ammunition than the currently used 120 mm smoothbore on the M1 series, including a dedicated HE (High Explosive) round, and a White Phosphorus smoke round, among others.
The M60 series includes instrumentation enabling indirect fire as ad-hoc artillery if needed.
M60s and M60A1s saw action with Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War in both the Sinai and the Golan Heights. Marines from Company D, 2nd Tank Battalion, drive their M60A1 main battle tank during a breach exercise in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. M47 Patton tanks portrayed enemy tanks in the film "Battle of the Bulge", starring actor Robert Shaw and Henry Fonda; Spanish M48 Patton tanks were used as enemy tanks in the film "Patton", with actor George C. An M60A3 TTS was also involved in a police chase, when one was stolen by Shawn Nelson from an Army National Guard armory and taken on a rampage through San Diego, California.
M60A1 - First variant to feature the distinctive "needle-nose" long nosed turret, along with better armor protection and improved hydraulics. M60A1 RISE - Reliability Improvements for Selected Equipment, featured improvements of almost all the basic systems including an upgraded engine design that allowed easier access to components to allow removing the engine pack in less time and a new track type, T142, that helped reduce wear and improve track life. M60A1E1 - Developmental test vehicles fitted with the 152 mm M162 gun-missile launchers. M60A3 - M60A1 fitted with a laser rangefinder, M21 solid state ballistic computer, and a crosswind sensor. A remotely controlled Panther armored mine clearing vehicle leads a column down a road in Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 16, 1996.
M60A1 AVLB - Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge, 60-foot (18 m) scissors bridge on M60A1 chassis. M60 AVLM - Armored Vehicle Launched MICLIC (Mine-Clearing Line Charge), modified AVLB with up to 2 MICLIC on M60 chassis. M728 CEV - M60A1-based Combat Engineer Vehicle fitted with a folding A-frame crane and winch attached to the front of the turret, and an M135 165mm demolition gun.
M60T - highly upgraded version of the M60A1 which is designed for the MBT modernization program of the Turkish Army. Israeli variants - Many of the Israeli M60's have been upgraded with additional reactive or passive armor, drastically improving their armor protection. M60 Phoenix-Jordanian upgrade,being carried out by King Abdullah II Design And Development Bureau.[14] Upgrade includes shoot-on-move capabilities,increased firepower (with RUAG 120mm smoothbore gun) and armor protection scheme upgrade. Egyptian modified version of the M60A3 participates with the Egyptian Army in Operation Bright Star. The M60 is general purpose gas-operated, air-cooled, belt-fed, automatic machine gun that fires from the open-bolt position. Ammunition is fed into the weapon from a 100-round bandoleer containing a disintegrating metallic split-link belt.
The T&E mechanism provides controlled manipulation and the ability to engage predetermined targets. The traversing portion of the mechanism consists of the traversing handwheel and traversing slide-lock lever.
The weapon functions automatically as long as ammunition is fed into it and the trigger is held to the rear.
To the best of my knowledge all military data and images presented in these pages are UNCLASSIFIED, NON-SENSITIVE, and approved for public release. Nauticam proudly announces the NA-60D, the newest addition to the Nauticam family of innovative, ergonomic, high-quality camera housings.
The NA-60D builds on previous Nauticam success and is packed with features including new style locking latches, lens release lever and ISO thumb lever, patented two stage shutter release, and an improved rear command dial control.
Rated to a depth of 100m, the new NA-D60 is a rugged aluminum housing that continues the Nauticam tradition of ergononomic controls and innovative thinking. The NA-60D housing inherits numerous innovations from earlier Nauticam housings like the easy-to-use-yet-secure locking latches from the NA-D7000 housing, ergonomically placed AF-ON, button and the patented Nauticam port locking system.
In keeping with Nauticam philosophy, the NA-D7000 housing continues to improve new products while building on previous successes and innovations. Each control for critical camera functions is designed to allow the underwater photographer unfettered access without removing their hands from the handles. New, easy to use locking latches are easy to close with only minimal hand strength required, and are protected from accidental opening by a locking detent. A lens release button allowing lens changes while a zoom gear is attached without opening the housing back is standard equipment.
The acclaimed patented Nauticam Locking Port Release is incorporated into the NA-60D housing. Nauticam also features the industry’s only locking extension ring system as standard equipment, securely fixing large dome ports even when mounted with an extension ring. The optional Nauticam accessory viewfinder provides a crystal clear life size view of the camera’s optical viewfinder through a diving mask. Nauticam offers a full range of port adapters allowing existing housing owners to use their current ports, reducing the cost of switching to a Nauticam housing.

Nikonos, Ikelite, and S6 style flash connectors are available as optional accessories for customers utilizing legacy electrically fired strobe systems. Nauticam uses a sophisticated over-mold process to produce extremely comfortable and secure rubberized ergonomic handgrips. Nauticam Housings are machined from a solid block of seawater resistant aluminum alloy, then hard anodized making them impervious to corrosion.
Designed specifically for the 10' frame of an avatar, the M30, has a high rate of fire and reasonable accuracy over long range.
It is also commonly used by RDA soldiers throughout the game, whether playing as Na'vi or RDA and is available in multiplayer when playing as the RDA.
The most notable feature of the T44 was theplacement of the belt feed module, which was located on the left sideof the receiver (with the belt passing vertically from bottom to top)instead of the more common top position with a lateral belt movement.
Work on a newprototype, designated T52, commenced in 1947 and was continued up until1952, when it was decided to persuade a derivative of the T52 design,known as the T52E3, under the new designation T161. This piston has a cup shape (with the opening facing forward) and a set of radial holes which, in the forward position of the piston, are aligned with the gas port in the barrel.The theory of this system is that once gas pressure in the chamber(formed by the piston internal cavity and front of the gas block) is enough to operate the moving parts, the holes in the piston will go out of alignment with the gas port, cutting off the supply of high-pressure powder gases.
Unfortunately the front sights are not adjustable, so the zeroing of each barrel is made by adjustments of therear sight. Folding carrying handles are attached to the heat shield close to the center of gravity of the weapon. Despite its obvious advantages over basic M60, it was never built in numbers or approved for service. The gas piston group is attached to thereceiver instead of barrel, and a light folding bipod attached to thegas piston tube. In no case I shall be liable for any damage or harm, caused by use or misuse of any information, facts and opinions, placed on this site. In 1957, plans were laid in the US for a tank with a 105 mm main gun and a redesigned hull offering better armor protection. Power was transmitted to a final drive through a cross drive transmission, a combined transmission, differential, steering, and braking unit.
Army maneuvers through a narrow German village street while participating in the multi-national military training exercise, REFORGER '82. This new variant, which stayed in production until 1980, featured a larger, better-shaped turret and improvements to the armor protection and shock absorbers. It also featured a 152 mm main gun similar to that of the M551 Sheridan light tank, which fired conventional rounds as well as the Shillelagh anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). It featured a number of technological enhancements, including smoke dischargers, a new rangefinder, and M21 ballistic computer, and a turret stabilization system. It was, however, considerably noisier, emitting a loud clicking sound audible several meters outside the vehicle.
This feature was also installed on some USMC M1A1s in Iraq and is now being incorporated into all active Abrams. Also, the US continues to have significant stockpiles of them waiting to be scrapped, sold-off, converted, or used as targets in weapons testing, although some vehicles that use the chassis are still in use. The Marine Corps M60A1s had ERA that helped to protect them, and the Iraqi tank crews were not well trained and were using poorly maintained equipment.
Due to the end of the Cold War, surplus US Army M1 tanks were absorbed into the remaining USMC units allowing the Marine Corps to transition to an all M1 tank force at reduced cost.
The 401st TFW (P), deployed to Doha, Qatar had two M60s intended for use by explosives ordnance disposal personnel. The driver was killed by police when he refused to surrender after the tank got stuck on concrete freeway dividers. USMC M60A1 RISE Passives were outfitted with explosive reactive armor (ERA) in the late 1980s.
A further conversion to the M60A3 is scheduled between 2009 and 2012 to about 1000 tanks out of the current fleet of 1700, to replace the current turret with the M1A1 turret with a major uparmoring of the chassis and replace the transmission and suspension systems with a better one to suit the added weight of the tank.
As the piston and bolt move to the rear, the extractor pulls the cartridge case from the chamber.
To prevent undue wear to the sear and sear notch, the gunner must hold the trigger firmly to the rear during firing.
One or two minutes work with an E-tool, crowbar, or axe can remove this web and allow entry through the breach hole. Come see the new NA-60D housing at the Beneath the Sea Show, March 25-27 in Seacaucus, NJ and the London International Dive Show (LIDS) 26–27 March.
As with all Nauticam housings, comfortable rubberized handles, and innovative ergonomic access to key camera controls are standard.
Notable examples are the newly redesigned rear command dial control, and a unique thumb switch for ISO – a critical control that video shooters demand.
This new closure method is not only easier to operate, but reduces the overall size of the housing.
Since NA-60D is compatible with the same accessories as all Nauticam SLR housings, it supports use of an extensive line of ports, port adapters, lens gears, accessory mounts and viewfinders.
Port Adapters are available for Aquatica, Ikelite, Inon, Nexus M5, Nexus M6, Sea & Sea NX, Seacam, Subal Version 3, Subal Version 4, and Zillion lens ports. It is unknown if it is an actual M60 in the storyline, but the machine guns used in the movie are M60's with mocked-up externals and other notable changes. Another change is that the future M60 uses a round, detachable drum magazine as opposed to disintergrating belts.
Norm Spellman (in his Avatar form) also wields one during the ground assault in the battle between the RDA and the Na'vi, but as he falls back with the others, he drops it after his Avatar is shot in the shoulder. It is however ineffective against many heavily armoured creatures on Pandora, so is primarily used to scare off large Pandoran beasts.
The weapon is used to support and cover other RDA troops who are armed with less powerful weapons such as the Standard Issue Rifle. The M60D Enhanced features a redesigned machined aluminum feed cover with integrated M1913 Picatinny rail for mounting optics and a forward M1913 Picatinny rail for other sensors, giving the weapon 24-hour capability. It is fitted with spade grips for flexible use and an aircraft ring sight for rapid target acquisition. Despite that setback, the US Army set out to develop a general purpose machine gun for its troops, and in 1945 started aseries of trials to test guns developed by various state armories,American private companies and some systems from foreign contractors. This also means that the system is self-adjustable andthe cyclic rate of fire cannot be easily adjusted. The feed system of original M60 guns is built into the hinged feed cover, and is operated by a roller-equipped stud at thetop of the bolt. Therefore, if a gunner desires to have all of his spare barrels properly zeroed, he has to zero each barrel and record its settings for the rear sight; once in combat, he has to remember to seta proper setting for each spare barrel installed on the gun. Egypt is currently the largest operator with 1,700 upgraded M60A3s, Turkey is second with more than 900 upgraded units in service, and Israel is third with over 700 units of Israeli variants. The fitting of a CBSS (closed breech scavenger system), which used pressurized air to clear the breech after each shot, solved the problem of unburnt propellant from the main gun rounds fouling the barrel and pre-detonating subsequent rounds. Following the war, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) received many more M48s, M60s and M60A1s from the U.S. The M60A1s were fitted with add-on explosive reactive armor (ERA) packages and supported the drive into Kuwait City where they were involved in a two day tank battle at the Kuwait airport with the loss of only one vehicle and no crew.
News footage of this incident has been shown numerous times on World's Wildest Police Videos and other such programs. 60D also features the same TTL full aperture metering sensor and same video resolution modes as the more Canon 7D in a less expensive body.

Disclosure: PR is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links (see our Privacy Policy). It also fires depleted plutonium rounds, rather than the full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds of the modern M60. You can carry a maximum of 450 rounds in 1 large drum magazine, a big advantage as you don't have to reload. A canvas bag can be affixed to the gun to capture ejected casings and links, preventing them from being sucked into the rotor blades or into an engine intake.
In practice the gas piston could be installed improperly (with the opening pointingrearward), turning the M60 into manually operated, single shot weapon.The gas block also tends to unscrew itself into its component parts under sustained fire, so its parts were often safe-wired together bytroops improvising in the field. This further increases the weight of each spare barrel, and while the bipodsare intended to be used as handles during the removal of hot barrels,the gun itself has to be held in the air by the gunner while his assistant swaps the barrels. Some current versions (as made byUS Ordnance Inc) are provided with lightweight bipod for emergency dismounted use. The belt feed unit is improved topermit the safe closing of its cover when the bolt is in its forward position.
However, the M60A1 was still not able to fire on the move, as the system only kept the gun pointed in the same general direction while the tank was traveling cross country. The M60A2 proved a disappointment, though technical advancements would pave the way for future tanks. Israel further upgraded their inventory of M60s prior to their use in the invasion of Lebanon in the 1982 Lebanon War.
Pattons formed the basis for many 'new' tank designs, some using the chassis but with all-new turrets others using various upgrade packages. However, many Israeli M60s were destroyed by Egyptian troops armed with AT-3 Sagger anti-tank missiles.
This enables it to rip through even the heaviest armor, although the thick, reinforced carbon fiber bones of some of the largest Pandoran creatures can withstand it. During the game the RDA temporarily suspends the Avatar Program after the war begins so it is possible the M30 was scrapped and therefore the weapon used by Jake Sully in the film may well be the M60. The weapon has 4 variants in single player that can be unlocked, each more powerful than the last.
Also, unlike many other guns, each barrel carries its own gas block with gas piston, increasing the weight of spare barrel kits. If closed on the bolt in its forward position, an attempt to cock the gun will result in damage to the feed group. Most of these casualties were in the first few days following the Egyptian crossing of the Suez Canal. An a€?egress kit,a€? or a€?infantry modification kit,a€? is available to provide downed aircrew personnel with increased fire power. Once the Egyptian armor left the cover of the anti-air umbrella, it sustained heavy losses to the Israeli Air Force, before it was defeated by dug-in Israeli tanks in defensive positions outnumbering Egyptian tanks 2-1, on the 14 October. However, the weapona€™s usual configuration is with a bipod and sling mount for ground use. Further work in Israel has been done on the upgraded Magach models, adding new armor, new fire control system, a thermal sleeve and smoke dischargers.
APST has owned and operated 3 different TOP M60s, and because of that we became very familiar with this replica's ins and outs.Is The TOP M60 a Viable Skirmish Replica?The answer to that question really depends on how much you like to tweak your own equipment.
The latest versions, the Magach 7 (with variants A through C), are still in use with the IDF reserve units. If you are the type of player who hands your AEG off to someone else when it quits working, don't even bother looking at the M60 as a skirmish AEG option.
You really need to be a gear-head yourself or have a team member who's going to maintain it for the team.An M60 out of box is actually a tad bit more effective than a stock Tokyo Marui AEG. The stock rate of fire is also very high, but of course that also depends on what battery you use. You can basically spray a wall of rounds at anything that comes your way, but don't expect to pull off any precision shots. Una bolsa de lona sobre el eyector de las vainas recogía los eslabones y las vainas arrojadas para prevenir que estos se crucen en el camino de las hojas del rotor o sean succionados por las tomas de aire de las turbinas. TOP seemed to make some adjustment changes with the E3 model that made them last much longer at stock power. We'll get into that, but first, lets look at the differences between the M60 models available to you.Differences in Stock M60 ReplicasM60 STDTOP's first M60 offering.
Comes with heavy-duty M60 bi-pod, many of the parts are metal but, even still, this gun has the least metal parts of the M60 line-up. Same battery capacity.M60 ShortySame as the TOP M60 DX, lose the bi-pod and shorten the outer barrel.
Reviews report the E3 model being able to shoot 50,000 to 75,000 rounds before problems occur, when the older models only went through 10,000 to 20,000 rounds before breakdown. Supposedly this allows the real-steel version to be air-cooled, and you don't really need a heat-shield if you have your hand on the forward grip. The modern style bi-pod is pretty weak compared to the old style, I've seen them snap off if the replica is dropped or banged up against something.
Due to the modified forward grip, you lose the large battery component and are pretty much stuck with a square type 9.6v 1700 mah custom AUG battery as your largest battery choice.
Other options would be to look at storing the battery externally or possibly in a mounted ammo box.
Battery power will not be a factor unless you upgrade, so don't sweat it.M60E3 LongThe only difference between the E3 long and the E3 short is a few inches of outer barrel, that's it. The only reason to choose this one over the short model is if you just want that barrel to look longer.M60E4 Limited EditionA lot of external changes here, no internal changes. This also addresses the bi-pod problems with the E3 model, the new one is easier to use and not so chintzy. There's also a precision barrel on the market, that's really a matter of preference and won't effect your upgrade velocity much. You might find that a Systema M120 gives you about 380fps with your regular AEG, but in your TOP M60 you'll find it won't even pass 350. The good news is, you can counter this by installing a spacer that will allow the gears to mesh better with the piston.
Something has to stop the piston from moving too far forward, so a simple neoprene washer bonded to the piston head can usually do the trick. A typical guarder piston without the spacer will last about 10,000 to 15,000 rounds if you are lucky. They cost about $24 plus shipping, that roughly translates to a piston a month if you use your M60 lightly. You'll lose velocity pretty fast, it's never a bad idea to have extra springs around incase you want to maintain that high velocity.What After-Market Parts are Available?As for internals, I've already mentioned, but I'll elaborate.
There's a fully metal adjustable sight, outer barrel, carry handle, front sight and gas tube. If tinkering with AEGs to get them to perform right isn't your interest, stay away from the TOP M60 or only buy it if you plan to leave it stock power.

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