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A CFG file is a generic preference file that stores settings and configuration information. To test if a program automatically generates a default CFG file, move the configuration file out of the default directory when the program is not running. Game file used by The Battle for Wesnoth, a free turn-based strategy game for Mac, Windows, and Linux; contains source code written in the Wesnoth Markup Language (WML), a proprietary language used for creating scenarios, campaigns, units, and other game content for The Battle for Wesnoth. All file types, file format descriptions, and programs listed on this page have been individually researched and verified by the FileInfo team.
If you have ever been stuck with project file conflicts in a multi collaborative developer environment in XCode it might be worth while adopting xcconfig files.
Working as a developer you sooner or later will have to mess with the projects build settings. It takes some setting up, and in this little tutorial I hope to show you how this can be done from scratch, hopefully giving you a better understanding of how you can use xcconfig files in your workflow. The steps presented here are based on a clean project, but nothing stops you from adopting this workflow in an existing project.
Drag the newly created folder back to the project so that you have a folder in you project with a direct reference to the folder in the Finder. Selecting any of the xcconfig files, you see that they are nothing by empty text files, apart from the ubiquitous copyright comment. Press the “None” menu on the row with your project name (ConfigDemo in my case) and choose the xcconfig file for you project. Going back to the Project Settings table, you now should see a fourth column, namely that of you config file. Also note that in gray, the same setting is found in the Config.File column as in the ConfigDemo column. Note that since the target setting column is to the left of the Project settings Columns, the target settings always Trumps the Project settings. Note that the targets config file is already marked in green, showing that it trumps the Project Settings. This setting is Target specific, and following the same procedure as above, you can easily copy out all these target specific settings and place them in the appropriate target file. So now you would go through the entire list and move all settings of the project from the Project File to the xcconfig files, placing them in the files most appropriate to your workflow. To my Debug.xcconfig file and respective CocoaPods Files to the other xcconfig files accordingly.

Now that we have PHPlist installed, and we've made some adjustments to the PHPlist settings, the next step in properly setting up PHPlist is to rate limit the number of emails PHPlist sends out at one time. Please note, if you have a need to send more than 250 emails per hour, you can submit an Email Limit Exception Request through AMP.
Due to the hourly limit on email messages, it's a good idea to allow for other regular emails you may want to send during that time frame. To access the PHPlist configuration file (config.php), navigate to the config directory inside of the directory you installed PHPlist to. Open the config.php for editing by either right clicking and selecting one of the edit options (Edit or Code Editor) or clicking on one of the edit options at the top of the File Manager screen. When we get to our article on sending a message to our mailing list, we'll be able to see our rate limiting in action.
Please note: Your name and comment will be displayed, but we will not show your email address.
Get help with your questions from our community of like-minded hosting users and Web Hosting Hub Staff. For some reason the game won't pick up on the config file made for the custom team I've added to the game so I was wondering if someone could create the XML file for me? I think im having the same problem in my game but just for normal kits only the odd 1-2 third kit shows up. It might be that you have to link to added frameworks or static libraries, or that some of these need you to set other C flags or whatever.
Ctrl click on the project name (ConfigDemo at the top of the overview) and choose “Show in Finder”.
Make sure it is saved in your Config folder (we want to keep this nice and clean, right) and notice that these files should not be added to any target!
You should by default have a Debug Configuration and a Release Configuration and both of these should have the “No Configuration Set” in their “Based on Configuration File” column. You will see a list with the project followed by target and test target for the Debug build.
Repeat the process for the main target and choose the Debug file (ignore the test target for now). With your project selected in the left part of the editor, select the Build Settings Tab in the top of the editor. Not only did XCode provide you with the Key and the value, it also gave you all the setting for each target.

Now in the detail navigation to the left select the ConfigDemo Target instead of the Project.
This is great because you can sett general settings for the project and put target specific settings where appropriate.
You should now see that the target config files column is visible with the settings we just pasted into our targets config file. But for the sake of tidiness, we mark the Project and delete the Project Settings in the same way we did previously.
Going through all the setting in the table, you will see that there are Target Specific settings in the Project File as well as Project Specific settings like the once I’ve shown here. If you normally do so in the build settings menu, remember to add them to the config files instead, to keep all settings in the right place. If this is not properly configured, PHPlist by default will attempt to send all of the emails at one time. For instance, if you regularly send 5-10 emails per hour, you will want to set the rate limit in PHPlist to 240 or less. If you receive an encoding check pop-up window, make sure utf-8 is selected before clicking the Edit button in that window. While at first glance, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, fortunately we will only be focusing on a few lines that need to be edited. Five minutes (300 seconds) is a good wait period so we will set BATCH_PERIOD to 300.We will need to do a little math to determine our BATCH_SIZE. In the upper right corner of the edit window, click the Save Changes button and then the Close button. I mentioned that these files are Key-Value text files, but which keys should be used, and which values are valid? Then select the “Build Active Architecture Only” row and press Cmd-C again to copy the settings. On Web Hosting Hub servers, there is a limit on the number of emails that can be sent per hour (250 messages per domain, per hour). If your mailing list is greater than 250 email addresses, the first 250 messages would be sent, but the remaining messages would not.

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