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Every project is always a bit more exciting when you can learn something new on the way, the more you can learn the better.
The config file is divided into sections, each responsible for properties specific to some functionality.
To upload to s3 you need to install python boto module: apt-get install python-boto, create a separate user for amazon s3 services so you will operate with a separate credentials for RPi only. After the initial setup on AWS IoT website you need to transfer the certificate files to your Raspberry Pi and configure your .ini file appropriately.
Once the setup is created we can try to send messages between AWS IoT and the Raspberry Pi (Assuming you are already connected either through WiFi or ethernet to the internet on the RPI itself). For simple testing and debugging purposes you can use MQTT client available on the AWS IoT website where you can subscribe to specific topics and send messages to your registered resources. The PIR sensor just sets its output high when the motion is detected, its pretty simple and pretty straightforward to use. As you can see from the above the bird feeder can take photo, record video and run the seed transporter (feed command). You can find already available libraries to handle the camera module easily, both the video and photo parts are pretty straightforward. Despite the conclusions, I believe it is great and worthy info about temperature on Banana Pi.

I decided to re-sort some values and put all together on the same config file to watch it on just one screen.
Then I modified the Python LED display program to read real CPU temperature, PMU temperature and also HDD temperature. PC gamers are outraged this weekend after widespread reports that Call of Duty: Black Ops III was released in a “broken” state. It appears that unless you have 16GB of RAM and a high-end graphics card, the game stutters noticeably and drops frames. Basically, the higher-end graphics card appeared to reduce the game’s RAM usage, which allowed the game to run smoothly with 12GB of system memory still in place. When 12GB of RAM and a 2GB graphics card isn’t enough, you know you’ve got some serious optimization issues. That fix involves going to the game’s installation directory, opening the Players folder, and modifying the config.ini file inside. TreyArch’s official recommended fix involves enabling Vsync and setting the frames per second cap just below your monitor’s refresh rate. Alternatively, some players who couldn’t fix it using the above recommendations claim to have been able to solve their problems by setting FPS caps and setting the internal resolution to 80% of your normal resolution. I have tried to build the whole software infrastructure around MQTT protocol with use of several AWS services.

You need to configure one of the RPi pins as input pins, pull them down and attach an interrupt which will execute specified method once the pin state changes. There are also widespread reports of crashing and stability issues on perfectly capable PCs. The problem is that Activision advertised its minimum requirements as being considerably different than what works in the real world. Later we will create some rules which will allow us to automatically publish the messages to DynamoDB database or s3 service.
Installing a GTX Titan X graphics card to replace the existing GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card in a separate test also eliminated the problems (the Titan has twice as much memory). Many people with mid to high-range PCs are claiming the game is “unplayable” in its current state. If you’ve still having stuttering issues, then you may genuinely not have enough performance power to run Black Ops 3.
The RPi pins have enough available VCC and GND pins to connect all the external devices (temp + pir sensor).

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