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I have a Bus Pirate v3 and up until now I've simply used it as a USB to Serial converter at chip signal levels. Make sure and have the datasheet for the Microchip 24LC256 (or whatever chip you're using).
The Bus Pirate MOSI(UART Rx) and MISO(UART Tx) pins are connected to the Raspberry Pi pins 8 and 10 respectively. Pins 3 and 5 on the Raspberry Pi GPIO header are the SDA and SCL pins for I2C respectively (I2C is a 2 wire bus).
Now, you can follow this screenshot to actually demonstrate writing to the chip and then reading it back in, assuming everything is working as expected.
The purpose of this sample project is to demonstrate how to use the DM6467 to act as a bridge between USB and PCI. A User Space USB driver running on the gadgetFS file system on the DM6467 which transfers incoming data to the PCI device. A PCI host application that boots the DM6467 over PCI and is responsible for reading and writing data over PCI. You may need a PCI extender card like the one pictured below if you cannot find a USB cable that can be used with the EVM while it is plugged into the PCI slot. This section will cover how to configure the USB host applications and drivers for the USB to PCI loopback testing. In order to easily communicate with the GadgetFS driver on the DM6467, generate data packets, and get timing information the usbtest driver is used. The -a option specifies to discover all USB devices connected (In this case only the DM6467 should be connected) and the -c option specifies the number of iterations. This section covers how to setup the DM6467 to accept data from the USB and PCI peripherals. In order for the DM6467 to communicate over USB and PCI the kernel must be configured for USB GadgetFS and PCI.
Compile the kernel modules which includes the PCI slave driver and the USB GadgetFS driver. This driver has 2 main threads of execution which are used to accomplish the movement of data between the PCI and USB interfaces. NOTE - This function uses the address 0x11818000 for the PCI buffer which is L2 cache memory. In order to use the usb driver you must setup the GadgetFS file system and driver as well as the PCI slave driver. The last two lines indicate that the source and sink threads are running and waiting for data. The PCI slave driver is included as part of the LSP kernel and can be used without modification. This section will cover the steps required to use the PCI host driver and application for the data loopback as well as booting of the DM6467.

This driver required modification to allow a user space application to block while waiting for an interrupt. The Makefile in the src directory is setup to compile the driver for the running kernel as well as the Host application that will boot the board and allow the user to perform a PCI loopback. This driver requires no parameters and just needs to be loaded with the insmod command on the PCI host system. The primary modification made to the saBootApp application was to add the loopback command to the console_control function.
NOTE: This application uses the address 0x11818000 which matches the address used by the user space USB driver on the DM6467. The steps to build this application were covered in the compilation section of the PCI host driver above. Create a working directory on the PCI host machine and copy the PCI_Host_App directory to it.
Copy the target kernel image created in the Kernel Configuration section to the bin directory. Edit the run_test.sh script and change the variables PCI_DRIVER, UBOOT, UIMAGE, RAMDISK, and BOOTIMG to reflect your setup.
Now that you know how to build and run each of the three components of this sample application it is time to cover how to use them all together. Start the user space USB driver as detailed in the usage section of the USB user space driver. On the USB host run the USB_to_PCI_loop_test.o application as detailed in the usage section of the USB host test application section.
Unix & Linux Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of Linux, FreeBSD and other Un*x-like operating systems. Browse other questions tagged boot linux-kernel debugging kernel-panic or ask your own question.
A rough estimation of big brands and their contribution to the present Linux Kernel which is expected to have 17 million lines of code as per Linux Foundation, Linux Kernel Development Report. Seventy percent of kernel development is done by Developers, who are working in Corporates and are paid for that, sounds Interesting?
Linux Kernel 3.16 is released for individual as well as companies in production environment, who will be updating their kernel for a number of reason, a few of which includes. This article aims at updating Debian kernel, the Debian way, which means less manual work, less risk yet with perfection. After the download is finished and before we move ahead, it is strongly advised to verify kernel signature.
Before we go ahead and start building the kernel, we need to install certain packages to ease the kernel building and Installation process and do it risk-free Debian way.
Now it’s important to copy the current kernel configuration to present working directory as root user.

Note: In the open configuration windows you can configure various options for your network card, bluetooth, Touchpad, Graphics card, Filesystem support such as NTFS and a lot other options.
Kernel compilation takes a lot of time depending upon the modules being compiled and the processing power of the machine. Answer : Yes you can boot into last kernel, if you have not removed them (see remove unused kernel), by selecting Advanced option from the Boot Menu. Answer : We can help you through technical aspects of kernel compilation and installation and its not chargeable, however you can donate, if you find our work Genuine and worth. The latest one, installed now is set to boot, automatically and you need not choose it every time from advanced boot options. For those who don’t want to compile kernel of their own on Debian (x86_64) and wants to use the pre-compiled kernel that we build in this tutorial, they can download it from the link below.
If you did something wrong in removing the kernel you want, or removed the kernel you were not supposed to, your system will be in a stage you can’t work upon. But why stay there?, now you can go to Debian 7 (wheezy) then to Debian 8.2 (jessie) by following the same instructions , just replace the name of the distro on your sourcelist. Just want to say thank you, this article saved me quite a few hours of research and was really helpful.
You'll also need to run make linux-menuconfig and make sure the following two settings are selected. After ram increase0Linux Kernel is panicing on boot0Installed CUDA and Tesla: kernel panic on reboot. You come to know this only by Researching, studying stuff over web, learning from tutorials of tecmint and in every other possible way. The compiled kernel file we will be getting can be used to update other kernel of Debian machine of same architecture, with the fact that some of your hardware may not work, if it is different on your other machine. You can download it from the bottom of this page, but we don’t guarantee all your hardware will work.
We have successfully build, compiled and installed Latest Linux Kernel 3.16 on Debian with all other dependencies. During installation process most Linux distor install Grub which is short for GNU GRand Unified Bootloader and provides a user with choice to boot one of multiple operating systems installed on a computer or select a specific Linux kernel configuration available on a particular operating system.Advertisements So if you are dual booting most probably you are familiar with this screen and most probably you are wondering how to change boot order.
It function as Memory Manager, Device manager and attends System calls besides performing other tasks.
Linus Torvalds developed Linux Kernel in the year 1991 and he came with Initial Kernel Release Version 0.01. Now there are thousand of companies, millions of independent developer contributing to Linux Kernel.

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