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Note: A warning will be sent to all Exchange users when their mailboxes are almost at full capacity (100Mb of space left). 4) Click on the Server Data tab and you will see the size of your mailbox listed next to Total Size (including subfolders).
This summer I traveled to Colorado to perform a weekend mailbox migration for a hospital with nearly 1400 mailboxes on Exchange 2003.
Both Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010 were single server deployments with all roles co-located. Being a huge fan of PowerShell and having some background in coding, I wanted to perform as much of my work as possible through PowerShell. After making these changes, I restarted the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication service.
One of the first steps is to resolve invalid aliases in mailboxes and distribution groups, as they have different requirements in the newer versions of Exchange. Here I was able to take a look at all of the mailbox databases and use this information to manually populate some variables that were used for the mailbox migrations.
Then I did a quick test to iterate through all the mailboxes with the WhatIf command to validate that the Alias name corrections made above were effective and no other invalid names exist in this batch. Then I was finally able to begin the actual mailbox migrations by removing the WhatIf from the previous command and give it a batch name that we can use for tracking. The next few commands were used  for tracking the progress and speed of the running migrations. There were a few other commands I used throughout the migration process and after which were also valuable. For this particular client, their phone system had an account that needed full access permissions to all mailboxes to be able to send emails with .WAV file attachments for voice mails. Another consideration for the migration was the anonymous SMTP relay from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. We also wanted to understand which mailboxes were not using the Database Quota Defaults that were important to note in preparation for the upcoming O365 migration. Finally, during the decommissioning of the Exchange 2003 server, it became apparent that there were actually a few lingering mailboxes (or so it thought) on the Exchange 2003 server.
Exchange 2007 Power Shell gives you the option to get a report of the mailbox sizes which is helpful for a quick glance, but if you want to keep a running tab, then you’re going to want it in a savable format. This code will run and output the information to a text file names Database.txt (or whatever you want to change it to) and you can save this and put it in a report if you like. A: Like many Windows applications, Microsoft Outlook has a status bar at the bottom of the main interface that provides certain information about the application.
The mailboxes were being migrated to Exchange 2010 to enable a hybrid scenario with Office 365.The migrations of the mailboxes to O365 are slated for a future project.
The Exchange 2010 server was built previously on Server 2012 and coexistance with the Exchange 2003 (on Server 2003) environment was already configured.
Note that doing this side-steps Role Based Access Control, so it isn’t generally recommended, but I had full access privileges anyway. These commands determine which mailboxes, distribution groups, and public folders have invalid aliases due to a space and correct them.

The size of the Exchange 2003 database can be found by locating the .EDB file from the Exchange System Manager on the properties of the database. Note that I included the command to allow up to 25 corrupt items to be skipped per mailbox before it fails the migration of that specific mailbox.
The first will iterate through all mailboxes that have the AdminCount flag set on the ActiveDirectory user object, clear that flag, and enable security inheritance so that Exchange will have access to the account in order to be able to set the appropriate permissions. Two Receive Connectors were created using the Exchange Management Console (EMC) to allow for anonymous SMTP relay for devices such as scanners that are unable to authenticate against Exchange and Active Directory to send mail. The second command resets all mailboxes to use the Database Quota Defaults so use caution or you could have users complaining about not being able to send or receive mail. This was due to an obscure Active Directory attribute on old, inactive, and disabled user accounts.
This two step process was necessary because of the size of the organization and the limitations of a mailbox migration directly to O365 from Exchange 2003. Ideally I’d be able to kick off a batch, walk away and check on the progress in a few hours and be able to send out a status update to the project stakeholders.
If it fails, you get a failure notice on that mailbox and the process continues on with the rest in the batch. I continued using the alphabet to divide up the batches but I did increase the size of the batches and was able to complete all 1350 mailbox migrations between the end of business Friday and late Saturday evening, leaving Sunday open for testing and remediation.
Failed migrations and users’ being unable to access their mailbox through Outlook and Outlook Web Access are some of the symptoms of missing permissions. The following script will find these users with old attributes and update those to be correct. My tasks for the weekend were to migrate all remaining mailboxes to Exchange 2010 and begin the decomissioning of Exchange 2003.
Inbound and outbound mailflow traveled through the Exchange 2010 server, and then off to mailboxes on the Exchange 2003 server during coexistance. Because of the size of the migration and expectation that the work would be completed by Sunday evening, it was important to be able to monitor the speed of the migrations and forcast the completion. The $Migrations variable saves a list of all the mailboxes to be migrated in this first batch and use this to count the number of mailboxes in the batch and export the list to a .CSV file. With this setting, I was lucky enough that I only had a single mailbox out of the 1350 total that had more than 25 corrupt items. I like this command because it will not affect AD user accounts that don’t have mailboxes, but also should not negatively impact users or the environment.
A Cisco IronPort spam filtering appliance lived between the Exchange 2010 server and the internet.
Some other things I did in preparation for the migrations were to validate that the Exchange 2010 drives had plenty of space for the logs during the mailbox migrations and also increase the amount of maximum active moves as shown below. Notice that files are created in the current user’s Desktop folder that list the updated mailboxes and distribution groups for documentation. I was advised by the client that it was ok to raise the setting to 50 for that specific mailbox and when I attempted to migrate that mailbox again, it completed successfully. If that user does have elevated privileges such as Domain Admin, the AdminCount flag will reset itself in 10 minutes and later remove the inheritance flag from the security properties on the object.

Once this was completed, the decommissioning of Exchange 2003 was able to continue successfully. A legacy phone system used a mailbox with elevated priviledges to send emails with audio file attachments for voicemail. I increased these numbers gradually because we were concerned about the stability of the Exchange 2003 server. Take a look at the clock when you start this batch of migrations to be able to forecast the speed and completion of the migrations.
I question why a Domain Admin account has a mailbox, but I understand that not every client has an ideal environment. Note: Change the Receive Connector Identity in the command below to match your environment. A Barracuda Message Archiver tied into the Exchange 2010 built in journaling functionality. This does seem to be a common issue that impacts many of the Exchange and Lync deployments and migrations I perform, so I always have a conversation about best practices of using separate accounts specifically for those elevated rights. Public certificates were installed on the Exchange 2010 server for web services (Outlook Web Access and AutoDiscover). Just in case, there is an exported .CSV list created on the desktop with the list of modified accounts, though I have not run into an issue with this in the past. A text button labeled Filter Applied appears at the very left of the status bar; you can click this button to launch a new filter configuration window to customize the view. The Unread Items in View is obviously the number of items that have yet to be opened, items marked as unread, and items not exposed to the reading pane for enough seconds to be considered read. The Unread Items in View value should always be equal to or less than the Items in View value. The options are Normal and Reading, which are identified on the status bar with one button for Normal screen layout beside another button that looks like an open book for Reading view. The Normal option switches the Outlook main view to a standard four-column view: navigation pane, Inbox list, reading pane, and to-do list. The Reading option snaps the view to maximize screen real estate for the reading pane and Inbox listing. The slider shrinks or magnifies content, text, and images anywhere from 10 percent to 500 percent of their original size. For messages with an embedded image that’s just too small, you don’t have to save the image and open it from an image editing application in order to magnify it. Because the registry values are read into memory when Outlook launches, you must restart Outlook for any changes to take effect. If you double-click a message to open it in its own window, no status bar displays at the bottom of the window to provide context regarding the message.

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