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AMCI’s 3100 series motion modules are easy to program with no extra software required, and offer a wide range of motion commands.
Developed to simplify more complex applications, the 3102i module includes linear and circular interpolation commands. AMCI is the only Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner to offer a complete selection of motion control products. Browse the most current issue of Design World and back issues in an easy to use high quality format. Solar Power World reaches executives, managers, engineers, installers and technical professionals involved in the design, manufacturing, development, and installation of solar power projects. EE World Network of sites feature industry experts covering product news and reviews, EE video, “how-to” articles, best practices in electronics design and electronic datasheet resources. 1-dimensional range gates on histograms in the graph window are useful for subsetting populations, and two-dimensional range gates enhance the ability to edit and visualize the effect when subsetting populations.

Range gates on histograms in the graph window are a useful tool for subsetting populations across a range of expression of a marker (e.g. In order to examine the range gate in two dimensions, one can change the y-axis parameter and view and edit the gate in two dimensions. This analysis reveals that some live (7AAD negative) CD3+ cells have been excluded from the original gate (region to which arrow is highlighting).
I started the year with domain and range of a finite set of points, because, it's an easy concept and I wanted my students to know--Algebra II is totally conquerable. I really enjoyed this part of the lesson because the students were totally in to the closed circle v. So, we got to talk about my favorite branch of all--analysis.[1]  How could we write all the numbers between -5 and 4, but not including -5 (see fourth slide above)? Most students were convinced that the graph would never pass x=-3 on the left, and x=3 on the right; hence the domain must be something like [-3,3].

Before the unit test, we played Kate Nowak's Speed Dating Game, but I adjusted it for these topics.
To turn this feature on, go to the Graphs preference window and check the box Show 1D gates on 2D plots.
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