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Changing font settings and adding image background in Outlook 2010 is a piece of cake, as you can change it from the font setting present in mail compose window.
It will bring up Outlook Options dialog, from left sidebar select Mail and from main dialog window, click Stationary and Fonts.
It will open up Signatures and Stationary dialog, switch to Personal Stationary tab to change default font settings for; New mail messages, Replying or forwarding messages, and Composing and reading plain text message. For changing default font size, color and family, under New mail message section, click Font. You will reach Font main dialog, start changing basic font settings; from Font select the font family, under Font style, choose desired style and from Size change the size of font. Apart from the basic settings, you can also set some extra font settings such as; Font color, Underline Style and Color.
Repeat the same procedure for changing font settings for forwarding messages, by clicking Font button, under Replying or forwarding messages section. Now on opening Mail Compose window, you will see changed default settings, i.e, font family, size, and color. You can also check out previously reviewed guides on How to Read all Outlook 2010 emails in Plain Text & How to make Outlook read emails for you. Should I wish to change the background colour, but still use the same theme and save it for future use. NO, this is not what I need, I need to know how to change my inbox look….all the emails in my inbox are different colors, how is that categorized and how can I make them all the same?
I get a lot of plain text email that was difficult to read after converting to Outlook2010. Note:  * You WILL need to re-boot for changes to appear, but after that, they should be set permanently (unless you go in and repeat the process!)  Good luck! As a student,i didnt know more concerning the fashion dress,but by some dress,i knew the Karen Millen Dress.
Well done!  I am not a computer person, but I have to be one for my job.  These instructions were perfect! I got everything figured out except how to increase the font size for the FROM, TO, CC and SUBJECT LINES.
I notice that, with the cursor in the body of a message, the font in the toolbar is my new font (and the drop-down is active, so I could change it), but that with the cursor in any of the above-named fields, the font box in the toolbar is blank and the drip-down is NOT active. I understand how to change font styles, etc., but my problem is that when I forward or reply to an email there is one line in the original message, usually in the signature, that explodes to 140pt.

I followed all the instructions on how to change Font and it will not change – My font is so small no one can read it . For no apparent reason when I reply to an email show on the screen in minute fonts event though they are set a 12. At the moment I am having to enlarge the font to 72 to write the reply then reduce it before sending its a real drag!! Good day my boss is having a problem, when he receives emails from certain people the body is empty, I went to all sites on google stating we must change the font to plain text on the incoming messages. I have created a table with contact information to be answered via reply email… to send out to our customers. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Quicktionary 2 Premium (aso known as the SuperPen) is a hand-held text scanner and language translator. Scan and Translate: The Quicktionary 2 Premium comes with over 30 downloadable language dictionaries - absolutely free! Address Book - scan business cards and synchronize with a desktop or PDA address book such as Outlook.
Table Builder - scan data in spreadsheet format and transfer directly in to MS Excel on a PC.
Internet Links - scan URLs and transfer them directly into Internet Explorer favorites list. Voice: The product's built-in Text-to-Speech technology provides immediate word-by-word pronunciation of a scanned English word or full line of text.
Pen Scanning Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish and Swedish. Pen and Desktop Interface Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew, Finnish, Korean and Chinese (Simplified).
As a customer since 2007 I would like to say the service and quality provided have been exceptional. But wouldn’t it be more convenient if you can change default font styles; font family,size color, etc?
Click Theme to open up Theme or Stationary dialog, under Choose a Theme list, select the theme for email message.

Some are blue, some are black, some fonts and sizes are even different, Whats up with that and how can it be changed? And frequently introduce this dress to my mother and my aunt.Additionally they vey like it. I have looked up on your site and my file is different fron yours and so I can not follow it. Everything but my personal stationery has my font and style, but I have to manually do it everytime I do a new email, but responding to someone’s email my font is fine. I want all of Outlook to be bigger font so I can read it without my contacts, but don’t want to have to change resolution on my monitor. I’d already done this when in a new email but I did it again in Outlook itself because every time I turn my computer off at night it reverts back to some default setting which I now have to change every day. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. These enable users to scan full lines of text, receive instantaneous word-by-word translation and hear scanned English words pronounced aloud.
Karen Millen dress is devoted to shaping the women’s physical beauty lines have demonstrated a feeling of femininity silhouette.
Apart from changing font settings, you can also apply default theme from the list of Outlook intrinsic themes. Integrated Text-to-Speech technology enables users to pronounce new English words with confidence.
These and other Quicktionary 2 Premium Voice features have made this product the reading tool of choice for students and travellers alike. Scan, Store and Transfer: This function enables users, on the go, to capture essential printed data anytime, anywhere.
Users working with their computer can scan printed text directly to an archive cursor point.

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