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Now select ‘Soft round eraser tool’ with 80% opacity and clear all the brush strokes coming out of the hair area. Lastly, to give hair more contrast, create a new layer, fill it with 50% gray by going to Edit> Fill. Tags3D art Art articles bokah textures character design Character designing coding tutorial concepts design designing books design price tables Digital Art drawings fractal art free HD wallpaper free iphone wallpapers free light textures free patterns free textures free wallpaper Graphic Design Graphic Designing graphic illustrations guide html 5 tutorial icon art icon set Illustration inspiration Inspirations photo effects Photomanipulation photoshop Photoshop patterns photoshop tutorial price tables resources tips tutorial typography vector art vector art. Websoulz is a fresh platform to discover new and exciting web and graphic designing tips, tricks, different techniques, awesome examples and practices.
Computer screens and online images: Images which will be displayed only on the computer or a TV should be set to 72 pixels per inch. Make some random brushing changing the brush size; change opacity to 20%, make a new layer over it and repeat the last step but trying not to cover the last brushing.
Now change opacity to 50% and repeat the last step.Change the color of the color layer you made at the beginning to black and set outer glow like this to the three brushing layers you made.
Finally you can add an explosion in color dodge blending mode and change the color of the first brushing layer's out glow. Skill levelBeginnerIn today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how you can utilize Adjustment Layers to quickly edit game skins, such as the one used to change the appearance of your Minecraft characters.
Your current Minecraft skin can be downloaded from your profile page, after logging into your Minecraft account.
Once the image is visible, drag it into Photoshop, where it’s going to appear very, very small.
When the skin is initially brought into Photoshop, you may not be able to perform many edits.

Simply adjusting the Hue value will shift the colors on a global scale, which you probably don’t want. Once the new range of colors has been set, shifting the Hue will only change the color of the shirt. You can also paint on a new layer, with the Blend Mode set to Color or Soft Light in order to change the color of specific areas, like the skin. Once you have finished editing the skin, save it out as a png, and the original size, which is 64 x 32 pixels, then back on your Minecraft profile, use the “Upload” button to save your new skin!
Today I will show you how to change hair color in any image in a super easy and realistic way. Increasing resolution improves the image quality but also slows printing and consumes memory and disk space. Note that making the width or height too large may make the image appear pixelated, or grainy. This is particularly handy when you're going to be putting the picture into another document and you don't want extra space around it. If you need to make a change, resize the box by dragging the handles in one of the corners. You can use the move layer tool in the Tools Palette to move the text around, or hold and drag the layer with your mouse. I know a lot of my viewers are Minecraft players, so hopefully you can use this tip to quickly edit your character.
Instead, you can target in on a more specific range of colors using the drop down within the Adjustment Layer.

However, instead of using the Brush Tool, which is what you would normally use for painting, the Pencil Tool will give you nice, square brushes, similar to pixels!
She is providing valuable design resources in the form of icons, textures, Photoshop brushes and actions.
Everything on the site, the text, tutorials, images and screenshots themselves are subject to copyright.
It's also useful if you've shrunken an object and now want to get rid of the space around it. To set the colors to black and white, click once on the small black and white squares; to exchange the front and back colors, click on the small icon of the two arrows. Label this layer as ‘Hair’ and reduce its opacity till 50% so that you can see the image underneath.
You CANNOT copy whole tutorials and posts, in anyway either in English or translated to another language. Now we’ll apply ‘Soft round brush’ with 100% opacity on this new layer to completely cover the hair area.

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