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Maybe setting the view to View.GONE, changing your text size, then setting to View.VISIBLE would work? Is it possible to change Google chart font size, my problem is that when i shrink width and height of whole chart, text becomes small and unreadable, any way to custom set font size?
Is there a (neat) way, instead of getting the height of a particular font size, getting a font size of a particular font (SansSerif in this case) that produces a given height?
Issue for text elements that are adjacent to icon elements, the glyph height is not aligned with the icon height.
I have several UILables in my view like this: Those in red colour should never change their font size.
I have been playing around with the image upload example from W3Schools, but I want to change the font size of the output that appears after the upload.
Is there any method which can customize font size of text on button when button size is being changed? How do you change the font face and font size used by the Windows Ribbon Framwork's UIRibbon?
In my application I am loading HTML String which is coming from server, the string already contain font color and font size but I need to change the color and size of the font.
Font size continues to shrink when container stops shrinking when using a€?vwa€? for size metric. If origin is top left like 1 & 2 the center moves off of 0,0 when the view gets bigger. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android android-layout or ask your own question. Did Hillary Clinton refuse to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organisation when the FBI, CIA and the Justice Department asked?
Would it be rude to ask a famous professor who doesn't know me personally for a recommendation letter if I have published in a high ranking journal? For case #2, the reason is that in most fonts, all the digits have the same character width in pixels. The solution is to use a font where each digit has a compact width, or to have your own view that renders the digits to a bitmap, finds the rightmost non-empty pixel, and shifts the bitmap to align it to the right. The padding which is visible to you is the default font padding, and and you are getting a little mismatch because of different font sizes.

I've tried to imitate your layout with standart fonts and I think that this padding pops up because of size difference between DIJACOR string and 1.78.
I would say, remove the padding for DIJACOR TextView and 1.48 TextView and add margin Top to both.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android android-layout user-interface textview padding or ask your own question. With the Crossbow expert feat, can you use a net attack and then a hand crossbow attack on your bonus action?
I would like to be able to detect if some text is changed in a UITextField so that I can then enable a button to save the changes.
I'm subclassing UITextField and need a way to run some code whenever the text in the field changes, how can I do this? Hi All I am just wondering if someone can tell me what is the best pixels per cm to develop a picture .
I am trying making a simple iphone app that copies text from one field to another when you press a button (text1 values into text2), but I am getting my some warnings "Attributes on method implementation and its declaration must match" and "Incompatible pointer types sending 'UITextField *' to parameter of type 'NSString *".
In a UITextField used for entering decimal numbers I would like to get rid of possible leading zeros (The behavior should be like the one of the Calculator App). I just upgrade to Xcode 4.3.1 For the old version of Xcode, it is easy to display nslog contents but Xcode it display I prefer the text output!
What I am trying to do is display multiple lines of text in the middle of a canvas element. How can I make the font size automatically smaller when the textfield height gets smaller than the font? I am trying to increase the font size but I want it to grow from the center of the textview instead of the top left point. The best you can do is using marginTop for the larger text with a negative margin but that can be buggy when it comes to animations. Text entered in the UITextField & UITextView appear fine in the normal state(scroll view zoom scale = 1). This works in all browsers using the text-align property, but fails in mobile Safari on iPad 1.
I know how to limit length of text in UITextField , but I can do this only with fixed characters number.

A few months ago i started developing an iphone application , and i needed to have a multiline textField so that the user could write some comments. If you look at the pictures below they are the same size (800pixels X 533pixels) but they are developed with different pixels per inch out of light room.
Normally this would be rather easy to implement but I just cannot figure out how to restore the cursor position. I would like to obtain a substring from the beginning of my TextField text up to the cursor position. Like this, Now i want that My first field allow me to enter 5 character after that control goes to second text-Field. The text is dynamic as it is inputted by the user using a text box, the canvas is then updated with the text the user has typed (code shown below). My requirement is the text draws to the top right corner of its own boundary so it is "top-justified" to the DIJACOR and "right-justified" to +0.01.
The reason is that you could write numbers on top of each other and the digits will always align. If members of DIJACOR's column relate on DIJACOR, then adding marginTop won't change your layout significantly. I was thinking about drawing small rectangles with width and height of one, but do not know how to implement this into code and how to get this to show in the view.
This only occurs on the first time the keyboard pops up since the app launched, afterwards the animation starts instantly.
In the end , because at the time i couldnt find a solution , i found a solution how to use a Text View instead which is by default multiline. Android uses the View height to align the views, that's why your conceived top borders don't match.

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