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Published by Kim Sterling on Thursday, July 25th, 2013 at 7:30 amFiled under Computer Tips, Student Voices. You will see a choice of margins that are the most common.  Click on any of these to apply them to your document. If the margins that you want are not in the choices, there is a Custom Margins selection at the bottom.  Click this and and you can customize the margins.
You can also change the orientation of the page and see a preview of what the page will look like if the page is flipped.  You can also apply the margins to a specific page by using the down arrow at the bottom of this popup window. The Default button at the bottom will allow you to make your custom margins the default margins so of any new document. If you want a more detailed look at the font before you select it or want specialized selections such as a strikethrough, all caps or all lowercase and other selections, click the Dialog Launcher box in the corner as shown on the example above and the following screen will appear, where you can view and make your selections.
If you have already started typing and realize that you have not changed the font, you can always highlight the portion you want to change.
Click the Select button and you will see the select all button.  Click this button and then pick your font, size etc. To undo what you didn’t want to do or don’t like, click the undo button and if you want to repeat what you just did, click the redo button (see below).

To print the document, click the File tab on the left at the top of the box and a Print dialogue box will come up.
This concludes this month’s blog.  Next month, I will cover another software program used frequently for course work.  If you have any suggestions, comments or would like a specific feature of a program covered, please post a comment below to let me know! Please note, if you order our pocket invitations or layered invitations, you'll need to assemble the invitations by yourself. There is currently no tag added for this product, be the first to add tags to this product!Add New Tags (+)You can enter more than one tag. All of the text in your document should now be selected and highlighted.  With this done, we can edit the entire document at once!
First, after having selected all, applied the font size and type (in this case Ariel 10), and saved, when I select all again, I see that the Font window shows a blank instead of showing the font I used. Second, in the middle of moving things around, sure enough some other font starts appearing.
I was having the same issue as David above where the font I selected did not stick and the fonts section stayed blank.
I would like to automatically convert the font of a text that I insert into an existing document.

I know how to change the font, but I want to change the size after I have already chosen a letter template.
Click the down arrow to quickly select the style of your font, size, color, bold italics and more.
The detailed fonts are handy when you are creating a document and are able to customize it because you can change the font to one that for instance, might better suit your own individuality.
If you want to change the entire document to a different font, use the Edit box on the right side. It often happens when I get rid of a paragraph marker, so I think it’s somewhere in the paragraph-level formatting.
I am aware it is a few years on since the question was posted but I thought the answer would benefit someone else as I found a solution which worked for me.
This is a handy feature, because most instructors want a specific font and size on papers submitted to them.

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