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To Change Color of Site Title,Tag Line and postion of title,font size and style in WordPress twenty ten theme.to Customize Twenty Ten Theme first you have to create Child theme.
Managing users in Joomla 1.6 is all controlled in the User Manager area in the backend of Joomla.
To access the User Management screen, either click on the User Manager icon from the control panel of Joomla or navigate with the administrator menu via Users -> User Manager.
This screen will give you an overview of all the users that are currently registered and have either front end of back end access to your Joomla powered website. Edit: When a check box next to a users name is ticked, the edit screen for that user will appear. The Sub menu bar flicks between the User screen, User Groups and Viewing Access Level screens. The filter area allows you to quickly search and filter users in order to find certain accounts.

This are gives you an overview of the users details and allows you to sort by these details. To sort this view, simply click on the title of the column at the top and it will toggle between ascending and descending for that column.
In the layout part, there will be 2 parts to be configured: The Layout Structure and the Layout Configuration.
To create new layout, you should clone a layout file that is most similart with layout you want to create.
When open this file, you will see that, there are numbers of blocks that the layout includes.
You can resize any block in specific layouts, you can also set size for the block in responsive layouts. The mainbody block load two-sidebar or one-sidebar-left or one-sidebar-right or no-sidebar block based on whether sidebar positions are active or not.

In the User Manager area you can add new users, delete, deny access, user groups and permissions of those user groups to the content management system. If you want to customize from template setting panel, just open it as once you add new layout file, it will be loaded to layout list in template setting panel.
So now to resize block of mainbody, we need to resize the blocks that mainbody block loads.

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