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On the Appearance tab, in Font size Windows XP Professional Product Documentation > Windows basics > Core Windows tasks. In Windows 7, there is an option to change the fonts for things such as the active title bar, menu, etc.
This is an old issue that even Insiders have complained about, but it appears Microsoft hasn’t done anything to prevent Windows 10 updates from changing the font size.
If you're not a fan of the default font in Windows 10, Segoe, you can change it to your preferred font with a simple registry tweak.

Recently I’ve been playing around with some of the customization options in Windows 7, particularly enjoying themes, setting my own desktop backgrounds and alerts – the sort of thing I haven’t really had time for over the past few years.
An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data The security update addresses the vulnerability by correcting how the Windows font library handles embedded fonts. Under normal circumstances, you might not want to change the default Windows 8 font size because the standard configuration that is applied on the operating system right out-of-the-box is pretty ideal for almost every normal computer user. This will change the fonts for Windows 10's icons, menus, title bar text, File Explorer, and more.

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