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If you created app based on previous lessons, you had already contact with layout tag, though we haven’t analyzed how it works. LinearLayout could arrange element horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom (Android Studio). First, change tag name RelativeLayout to LinearLayout both at the beginning and at the end of the code.
Default setting for LinearLayout is horizontal orientation, so elements are positioned in a row from left to right, but we could change it and position next element below previous one (like in a column).
Every layout and layout element must contain attributes layout_width and layout_height that defines its size. Return to horizontal orientation of the layout (set android:orientation to horizontal or delete that attribute so it choose default value).
The default value for layout_width and layout_height of TextViews in our layout was “wrap_content”. The second and third TextViews have the same text size, but the third additionally has fixed width. Mind that in the past match_parent was called fill_parent, but now the second name is deprecated. Maybe you noticed also that LinearLayout root element also has width and height set to match_parent. Let’s go back too layout when we had three TextViews one under another (layout orientation set to vertical).
If we now change it to 2, 5 or 10 nothing would happen as only one element competes for free space. You could use weight both for width and height, but if there is only one element in a row or in a column, it would fill all space and thus it would work as match_parent. What & WhyThere are many Android tutorials for developers, but it is difficult to find easy to understand lessons for beginners. Lesson 2.3: How to put layout into layout to create advanced app interface (layout tree in Android)? How download install ios 7 update , The biggest overhaul in ios history is upon us, and brings about much new functionality and a brand new look. Turn kid' mode (guided access) iphone, ipad, Post navigation < previous next > turn on kid’s mode (guided access) on your iphone, ipad (mini) and ipod touch in ios 6.
Top reasons jailbreak iphone, ipad ipod touch, Top reasons jailbreak iphone, ipad ipod touch ios 8 – ios 8.3 posted jason oct 23, 2014 comments (17).
How add pdf files read ibooks ipad, ipod, This tutorial show add pdf files ibooks read ipad, ipod touch iphone. Did you ever wish that your note-taking app on your smartphone or tablet should act like a real-life notebook?
Handwriting support, whether your penmanship is actually legible or not, is a great feature to have on note-taking apps, when you’re tired of just typing out your minutes or thoughts. In terms of notes that you actually want to type out, there are also updates to this feature on the app.
If you haven’t yet, you can download OneNote for Android through the Google Play Store, with the latest update. I am a smartphone addict - a millennial trapped in a Gen X-er's body and is a true blue digital native. Includes the Regina Coeli prayer, which is recited in place of the Angelus during the Easter season, from Holy Saturday through Pentecost Sunday. En esta ocasion vamos a desarrollar una aplicacion va a conectar a Internet y va a recoger un documento XML a traves de un AsynkTask, para mostrar en un ListView las ultimas publicaciones del blog. Como vemos, tenemos una primera etiqueta , y en su interior se encuentra el titulo del blog, el link, la descripcion, la ultima modificacion de algun dato, idioma, etc. En nuestro ListView vamos a mostrar el titulo de la entrada, y cuando se pulse sobre una lanzaremos un Intent para que se abra el navegador y muestre el articulo deseado. Una vez hecho esto al lanzar la aplicacion veremos la imagen de cabecera en la parte superior, y un ListView vacio. Este metodo sera el encargado de iniciar la tarea asincrona para recuperar todos los datos, y posteriormente actualizar el Adapter, por eso le pasamos como parametro el Adapter del ListView.

A la tarea asincrona le mandamos a su vez el Adapter, ya que es la que va a recuperar los datos y anadirlos al Adapter, y tambien le pasamos la URL que contiene la informacion que necesitamos.
Como vemos, hemos hecho uso de una nueva clase, que es la encargada de analizar el documento xml y generar la coleccion de datos que necesitamos. En este punto necesitamos conectar a Internet, a la direccion en la que se encuentra el XML que queremos analizar, y posteriormente analizarlo para crear nuestra coleccion de publicaciones y mostrarla en el ListView. Con esto, al ejecutar nuestra aplicacion ya podremos visualizar todos los datos, tan solo nos falta que al pulsar sobre una de las publicaciones se nos abra el navegador para mostrar la pagina en que se encuentra dicha publicacion.
Con esto habremos terminado nuestra aplicacion, de nuevo aprovechando la Programacion Orientada a Objetos, con uso de un AsyncTask para conectar a Internet, analizando un documento XML para recuperar los datos que necesitamos y usando Intents implicitos para abrir un navegador que nos muestre la pagina indicada.
Puedes ver el resultado del ejemplo en tu movil descargando nuestra aplicacion desde Google Play.
Eso significa que uno de esos dos objetos no se han inicializado de forma correcta, por lo que tendras que hacer debug, comprobar que pasa realmente cual es el problema y asi poder resolverlo. Hola, tengo unas dudas, intente hacer tal cual tu codigo, pero no me sale, no se si podrias pasarme el codigo, tengo hecho un programa aparte pero el mio descarga el XML y luego del celular lo lee, me intereso mucho el que solo leyeras la informacion sin necesidad de descargar. Introduce tu correo electronico para suscribirte a este blog y recibir notificaciones de nuevas entradas. Default layout for new app in Android Studio is RelativeLayout, but we will start with another layout type – called LinearLayout.
We could also delete all padding attributes so the code would be shorter (we would learn about paddings soon), but it’s not necessary. Add different background color to each TextView – it would be easier to see where elements start and finish (read here how to add background color). They could have different settings, like background color, font style & size, dimensions etc. If we rotate the screen from portrait to landscape, layout arrangement would stay the same.
It means that one dimension stays fixed and the second try to take as much space as possible to wrap whole content. That allocates as much space as is used by parent layout element (so element in which we contain other elements). That means that it fills whole screen (there is some hidden view that represents current screen size).  In most of cases is has to stay that way.
If you’re the type who’d like to bridge the digital with how actual journals and notes are like, then chances are you’d like something to that effect. The OneNote update lets you make handwritten notes, drawings or sketches through your gadget’s stylus or your finger. If you already have it on your device through GPS, the update would have been rolled out already. The app has Hindi text rendering engine which will give you a very unique and compelling reading experience. It takes its name from its first words in the Latin version, Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mari?.
En nuestro ejemplo vamos a utilizar las etiquetas , que contienen los articulos que se han publicado en el blog. Esto es asi porque todavia no hemos recogido los datos que necesitamos de Internet, mas adelante recuperaremos estos datos y se los anadiremos al Adapter, para que los muestre en el ListView. Lo siguiente que vamos a hacer es recuperar los datos que necesitamos de Internet a traves de una tarea asincrona, utilizando un AsyncTask. Totalmente cierto, la url cambio despues de hacer el post y no me di cuenta de actualizarlo. By the way those element could be TextViews, but also images, buttons, lists, other layouts etc. Moreover we have changed android:id value of TextView to “text1”, but it’s also optional (ID names depends on your preferences, as we would use a few TextViews it would be easier to follow them, as we give them numbers). This is because the screen width of that device is 480dp and all three TextViews together have 600dp. In our example parent layout element is LinearLayout and all three TextViews are its children.

We could try to calculate the height needed to fill the screen, but it would work only on specific devices. We should also change layout_height to 0dp to inform Android that we would use weight instead.
So if one element had original width 30dp (and weight 1), another 50dp (and weight 1) and free space was 80dp, first would have 70dp and second 90dp. Total application size less than 5 Mb, However, it includes Quran suras AlQuran supporting portraitamp; landscape in all its screens.
While other apps like Evernote and S-Note (for Samsung) have had that feature for some time now, Microsoft’s OneNote has finally caught up with them in their latest update, which features handwriting support and a redesigned user interface for tablets. You can also annotate on text, images or screenshots, and highlight important parts, like you would an actual book. Just like with Evernote, you can now insert tags so that it will be easier to find and sort through them. If you got the app from the Amazon App Store or the Nokia Store, it will happen within the next few weeks. As if you are reading a book, the reading experience will not distract you away from the content The app has the below features,1.
El motivo es que para realizar conexiones a internet siempre es conveniente hacerlo a traves de tareas asincronas, para evitar posibles fallos en la aplicacion debidos a una conexion lenta que obligue a esperar mas tiempo de lo esperado. La primera es la que nos permitira instanciar un objeto de la segunda, que a su vez es la encargada de analizar el documento XML.
De no hacer esto nuestra aplicacion lanzaria una excepcion cada vez que intentara conectarse a Internet que nos traeria de cabeza, tras dias de intentos fracasados veriamos el error, y al subsanarlo dariamos saltos de alegria (hablo de esta experiencia porque, aunque no me haya sucedido a mi, he visto a una persona en esta situacion).
Of course on some bigger devices that could be visible, but you have to be very careful with using specific values in layout.
So if we rotate a device to landscape, first TextView would be even longer as it still matches parent width.
You could declare size of elements giving specific values in dp or using relative values match_parent and wrap_content.
If you’d like to insert an image or an actual text in the middle of writing, just use your finger to tap until you bring out the cursor. The update to OneNote also features a redesigned UI for tablets so that it will be easier to organise and find your notes as well. It recited in a alternating verse and response, between each of the three texts are recites of the Hail Mary. So if the content becomes shorter or longer during app activity, element holding that content would become smaller or bigger respectively. Attribute layout_weight allows you to dynamically divide free space left among content elements. In terms of formatting, you can even change the color and thickness of your pen, as well as the background of your paper (page color, grid or rule, etc).
Page Layout (You can change the layout as per your preferences, Black, White, Classic and Modern, see the screen shots)3.
And if the content is longer than screen width then “new line “ would be added (element would be higher). For ease of browsing the Quran text, AlQuran Tab user can do it by touch the screen or by track ball. Windows 7 comes with a useful sticky notes, the only problem is the lack of features and almost unreadable font size and style. Font Size (You can change the font sizes depending on your mobile devices and your reading preference)So, go and download the app and get yourself drenched into reading Hindi texts. Of course there is also possibility of going out of dedicated space (or screen), but only if content is bigger that total available space. AlQuran supports audio reciting word by word and download more reciters AlQuran supports word meanings by clicking on the colored word Note: This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray andor home screen.

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