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The misconception about resolution in digital images bound for the web is that they must meet a certain number of dots per inch.
When someone asks you for a web image that’s, say, two inches wide, they’re estimating how it would appear on their own monitor. A pixel (which is short for “picture element”) is the smallest unit of measure on a grid displaying a digital image. Shown above, resampling changes the image’s size by increasing or decreasing its number of pixels.
Web design is concerned with resampling, not resizing, because every pixel in a web page will always be the same size. You can’t make an image appear larger on screen by resizing its pixels because every pixel on the same screen will always be the same size. Photoshop’s Image Size box (Image ‚Ui Image Size) controls both the resizing and resampling of images.
The “Resample” checkbox changes how many pixels fit into a linear inch—literally the pixels per inch. With the resampling box left unchecked, changing the “resolution” box would alter the image’s physical size when printed, but not its number of pixels.
The number of pixels per inch is still relevant online, but DPI settings do not affect how an image is displayed.
Computer monitors can be physically measured in inches, and each displays a certain number of pixels. A digital billboard measuring 47 x 12 feet might use only 888 x 240 pixels (about 1.6 PPI). A single PNG file measuring 100 x 100 pixels would fit on both the 888 x 240 billboard and the 320 x 480 iPhone. Print the same number of pixels at different pixel densities to see different sizes on paper. The result is that this one image would have the same number of pixels but a different width in inches.
None of the units ever strayed far from 12 points per pica: 6 picas per inch = 72 points per inch. Each pixel on the original Mac’s 9-inch (diagonal) and 512 x 342 pixel screen measured exactly 1 x 1 point.
Today, designers and clients alike understand that the sizes of items on the screen are not absolute. As PC monitors surpassed the pixel density of Mac monitors in the mid-1990s, websites built on Windows boasted smaller font sizes, much to the dismay of Mac users. We know now that DPI alone doesn’t change an image’s size on the web, and we have no control over which device an image is displayed on.
Fluid-width layouts, which change according to the browser’s size, can better accommodate a range of devices and monitors. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 842,478 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! VC100 Pictograms Project Extra Credit - An addition to the Pictograms project, where we were given words and asked to make a design based upon those.
VC100 Icons Project - The assignment this week was to take 9 fantasy football team icons and trace them using the pen tool. VC100 Icons Project Detail - Even though the assignment was only to trace the outline of the team logos, I went ahead and had some fun with the program. VC100 Character Illustration Project - This week we were to do a detailed character illustration.
VC100 Character Illustration Backgrounds - Since we were given two weeks for this project, we were expected to do multiple backdrops for the project.
VC100 Object Poster 1 - This week we created object posters with the instruction to keep it as simple as possible. VC100 Object Poster 2 - This poster is of the well-known dog toy maker Kong along with their most recognizable product. VC100 Object Poster 4 - This one I was a little concerned about, but in the end I felt the character and series were well known enough to fit in with the assignment.
VC100 Object Poster 5 - Final poster I did, this one for flare guns made by the safety company Orion. VC100 Week 9 Extra Credit Drawings - This week we were introduced to the LiveTrace and LivePaint features in Illustrator.

Week 11 Cards 1 - This week we were instructed to create our own stylized playing cards, with the focus on learning the brush and effects tools in Illustrator. Week 11 Cards 2 - The second set of cards we had to do, this time created using pieces from the .hack series. Week 11 Cards 3 - The third set of cards I've done, this time built using modified pieces of the logos of Metalocalypse and Dethklok. In Illustrator CS6 you can easily write text on a circle, but how do you change orientation on circle text from outside to inside circle? This entry was posted in Illustrator, Design, Graphics and tagged Text and Fonts on April 7, 2015 by haxor. About This MapShows the country outline, with country name and major cities.In Illustrator format, each country is a separate object you can select and change the color. Your receipt page will have a link to download your file, and you will receive an email with the same link. After working with Real Estate agents and Lenders on their marketing, I’ve become quite adept at creating beautiful and unique flyers, postcards and advertisements. How nice would it be to move into a new home and have a beautifully crafted piece of art, that was personalized just for them? Chrysalis Graphic Design can design and produce a custom piece of art for your homeowners with quick turn times and affordable prices. I found these instructions on how to make your own inexpensive lightbox at home, with just a cardboard box, tissue paper and posterboard. I have continued to develop my skills at quilling and paper typography by working on a calendar and now individual letters of the alphabet.
After learning about Quilling (paper filigree art) and specifically being inspried by Yulia Brodskaya, I decided to give this a try.
From proper alignment to getting just the right amount of white space, sizing photos and graphics properly beforehand is essential to creating a balanced look. Without changing the image’s pixel dimensions, that image would appear larger or smaller on different monitors—and would even look different on the same monitor at a different resolution setting.
We’re not increasing or decreasing the number of pixels, only changing how large those pixels are when printed. If we turn off resampling, the only way to change the image’s size would be to enlarge its pixels for printing.
If we alter an image from 300 x 100 pixels at 72 DPI to 300 x 100 pixels at 144 DPI, how many pixels would we have? On a Mac, go to Apple Menu ‚Ui System Preferences, and then click on “Displays” to see the various resolutions at which you can set your monitor. But if you hold a ruler to the screen, you’ll see that the size of icons and windows is inversely proportional to the number of pixels displayed. The differences in each display’s PPI make the image on the right-hand display appear larger, even though it has fewer pixels overall.
It was an important standard by 1984, when Apple prepared to introduce the first Macintosh computer.
As screen technology and memory improved, computers were able to display more pixels on the same size monitor. Today, screens for both platforms enjoy pixel densities high enough to make the differences moot.
Modern browsers, from FireFox 3, Safari 3 and Internet Explorer 7 and up, are better than older versions at scaling images on the fly. If the page width were flexible, resizing your browser window would expand the image—but not past its original 800 x 323 pixel dimensions. The purpose here was to introduce us to the program Adobe Illustrator by having us use simple shapes and the pen tool to replicate this famous Wall-e picture.
The objective was to replicate the board using precision measurements, copies, and reflections.
As the theme I selected was Paper Mario, all of the images used on the board save for the middle come from Super Mario Wiki.
The object of this lesson was to familiarize ourselves with the pathfinder tool in Illustrator, and so we were limited to that, basic shapes, and the pen tool. The words given are the pictures in the blue boxes, which I attempted to make stylistically similar to the ones in the assignment.
Through this, we became acquainted with some of the finer features of Illustrator's pen tool. Since we're doing this part of the assignment next week, I'll upload what I did now and change it next week if I learn ways to improve the icons.

This was just a gradient background, inspired by the boss fight at the end of Kingdom Hearts. I still tried to keep it simple, but added in the "bouncing" shape, as if the kong toy were in motion.
Due to the position of the character, I decided to have him overlap the logo as if it were a bench.
I wasn't sure if people would recognize the product as a flare gun right off, so I added in the triangle shape and gradient to replicate a flare.
As extra credit, we were offered the opportunity to scan some of our own drawings into Illustrator and livepaint them. I took some key parts of the designs of the Avatar models and worked with them, mostly focusing around that eye motif. The color scheme for this one was a complimentary green and red, with white added in as an accent. Select the circle, then move the line from outside to inside the circle and the text will do the same.
These buttons have a unique drop shadow behind them with a nice color gradient button -- and they're fairly easy to create!slide 1 of 2Making Buttons in Illustrator This tutorial will show you how to create a rose faded drop shadow button by applying a graphic style. All text is fully editable font text (not outlines).Perfect for page size illustrations in proposals or reports.
It’s an inverse relationship: images with larger pixels will have a lowerpixel density (fewer pixels in the same number of inches) when printed.
For Windows, right-click on the desktop and select “Personalize,” and then choose “Display settings.” Change the screen resolution (number of pixels) and watch as the items on your Mac or PC desktop get larger or smaller.
Many image editors, including Adobe Photoshop, assume that an image is 72 DPI if the information is not stored. The Mac’s interface was designed to help people relate the computer to the physical world. This way, if you printed an image or piece of text and held it next to the screen, both the image and hard copy would be the same size. Matching a print-out to the screen became even less certain when raster and vector apps allowed users to zoom in and examine pixels closely. The max-width CSS property forces images to fit their container but not grow past their actual size. To make the whole thing even, though, I added in some icons from the game Portal, and put a green background for them. Though this was pretty much just a continuation of last week's introduction to the pen tool, we were also taught how to use gradients and tools to make backgrounds.
In an effort to create some hierarchy and flow, I dimmed everything but the gun a little, hopefully making the gun more noticeable.
These are all doodles of characters I found while surfing the internet, so I don't claim to own any of these.
The color scheme for this piece was supposed to be an analogous one using red, violet red and orange. Featuring a negative space outline of the Space Needle, the Seahawks logo, 12th Man flag and a football, this is one of the coolest pieces I’ve done so far! Software engineers used the metaphor of a desk to describe the arcane workings of a computer, right down to “paper,” “folder” and “trash” icons.
By the mid-1990s, Microsoft Windows could switch between 72 and 96 pixels per inch on screen. I notice now that a little more yellow-orange crept in there then red-orange, but in messing with the coloring I couldn't make it look right anymore. This made smaller font sizes more legible because more pixels were available per point size. For the background I just used a simplified version of the background in the original work. Drawing the Button To begin, you will need to grab your rectangle tool from your toolbar on the left.
Changing the Border Color of the Button Next, we will change the border color of the button. Now you can double click the color fill box in the toolbar and change the color of the text.

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