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To get started with changing the font size, press the Menu button, then tap Settings on screen. We’re interested here in the second entry down – Font size – so give it a tap to select it. Check out the screenshot gallery below for a visual walkthrough of the process, and be sure to keep a lookout for more Nokia C5-03 tips and tutorials in the future!
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If you have difficulty reading the text on a Web page it is possible to change the size using your Web browser. How to change the font size of the second y axis of a MATLAB subplot fig file without the original data?
I'm looking specifically at how to change subplot properties without access to the original data.

The same solution from the other question applies here, you just have to get a handle to the axis you want (FINDOBJ).
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In iOS 6 you could change the font size of specific apps such as Mail, Messages and Notes via the Accessibility menu in settings.
Changing the font size is a simple step that can make a real difference to your mobile experience, and we show you how to go about it after the cut. Fortunately, this C Series phone and its Symbian S60 5th Edition is as well equipped when it comes to usability features as it is anywhere else.

Next, tap the Phone icon and you’ll be present with a number of global settings you can adjust. The former is ideal for those with eyesight difficulties, boosting the size of text on screen so you can read it more easily, while the latter means you can fit more on the screen at any one time.
That's why I suppress the x-labels for the second when I change the font size, to avoid seeing two sets of labels on top of each other (each in a different font size).

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