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List Bulk Import not only lets users migrate documents, pictures, and list data into SharePoint from a broad range of sources; it also allows users to store import job configuration information to a template file for common imports and scheduled imports.
In the Change the default database to box, select the database where your source data resides. After successfully connecting to your target site, select Create Import Job from the main landing screen.
In the Source Information tab, all Tables and Views found in the connected SQL Server database will be listed.
As with all Bamboo products, we invite you to download a 30-day free trial of List Bulk Import.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to import data from a SQL Server into a SharePoint Site. As always, our product enhancements are driven by listening to our loyal customers, and we welcome you feedback in the List Bulk Import forum. If the loosehead That gives me hope, because the tide is turning But remember what I told you Tuesday a Republican is going to trigger a revolution or a civil war in the Democratic Party: progressives vs.
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