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Otro Ciclo de Formacion Profesional de Grado Superior con la posibilidad de establecer convalidaciones de modulos de acuerdo a la normativa vigente. Ensenanzas Universitarias con la posibilidad de establecer convalidaciones de acuerdo con la normativa vigente.
Tecnico en servicios de Internet, de mensajeria electronica, teleasistencia, administracion de base de datos, de comunicaciones, en entornos web.
Workers at Central Foundation Girls’ School in East London are engaged in a battle against job losses, pay cuts and workload increases.

After a solid strike by both NUT and Unison on 24 April, management are shifting, and have backtracked from cutting support staff pay this year.
The CFGS workers are fighting to win, using tactics different from many strikes – cross-union solidarity, joint union meetings, a strike fund, a regular strike bulletin and decisions made by regular votes of members. They are insisting that workers should not pay for the bosses’ crisis at any level, local or national. The CFGS workers are going to strike again on 11 May, this Friday, if management do not back down before then.

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