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There have been times when I have played really badly and looking back now many of those poor performances can be put down to anxiety.
Have you ever gone onto a table to knock-up only to realise you can’t hit a forehand (the ball keep going off the end of the table) or you can’t serve (you keep missing the ball)? Relax: When you are feeling particularly anxious the worst thing you can do is try and pump yourself up. Prepare: In the minutes just before you have to go on the table to compete the negative anxiety may try and sneak back up on you.
Tomorrow I’ll be looking at a similar psychological factor, managing emotions, which is particularly important during a game. While the carrots cook, start assembling the parsley, cilantro, garlic, and spices for the sauce.
To make the sauce, use a food processor to chop the garlic, parsley, and cilantro, then add the olive oil, lemon juice, paprika, ground cumin, and salt, and pulse until it's well combined and chopped.

Drain the cooked veggies for a couple of minutes, then toss then with about half the Charmoula sauce. If you make a recipe, share it with the hashtag #kalynskitchen on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so I can see what you're cooking! If you have absolutely no anxiety you will likely struggle to focus, concentrate, and perform to your best.
Instead, relax your body (you can do this with simple breathing exercises and by tensing and relaxing your muscles) and relax your mind (think about something else or have a chat with a friend about something non-table tennis related). Please be patient if your download is slower than usual, we are hard at work keeping things running.
As athletes we need to be able to deal with that anxiety we feel, otherwise it will begin to affect our performance. If your mind is busy planning and strategising then it’ll have no time to worry about losing.

Think logically and ask yourself questions like, “What’s the worst that can happen?”, usually it is just losing a match which really isn’t that bad. It is important that you begin to view the feeling of anxiety as a signal that you are taking the competition seriously and are ready to perform.
I've not used cilantro beyond the raitas and chutneys of Indian cuisine, this is going to be a step into unchartered territory.

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