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I don’t know how many of you were a Camp Fire Girl when you were young, but for people such as I who were not, it always looked like the greatest of fun. The group spanned all the age ranges, with the youthful Blue Birds, the regular Camp Fire Girls, the Junior High Camp Fire Girls and the Horizon Club for senior high school girls. One of those projects was the annual candy drive in which the girls went door-to-door selling their famous mints as well as other types of candy, depending on which year it was. It seems as though kids grow up faster and faster each year, and the innocence of childhood is an increasingly fleeting thing. Darlene is the author of "Classic Candy: America's Favorite Sweets, 1950-80" and curator of the Candy Wrapper Museum, which is comprised of her personal collection which she began as a teenager in the 70s.
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Thanks for the memories ?? I was a Bluebird then a Campfire Girl back in the late 50s-60’s in Reseda. Does anyone know where you can get the Camp fire girl mints that were sold in the 60’s? Last July, I redeemed my voucher for a hair rebond at Orange Blush Salon in Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City.
When I texted Orange Blush to set an appointment, the staff replied courteously and within two minutes. Upon arrival, I presented my voucher and a short-haired female hairdresser named Chai was assigned to me. The deal included the Orange rebond (probably what Orange Blush calls their regular rebond) and a detox treatment for neutralizing the harsh effects of chemicals for P699 instead of P1800.
The only thing I found weird was that during my final rinse, Chai told me to give my payment for the hair color directly to her instead of the cashier.

Here are some casual shots of my hair one month after the rebond, without my face getting in the way.
Intro: Configuring the XBox 360 controller to work with Windows and SourceThis Instructable will show you how to install the XBox 360 controller on your PC, and how to get it to work with Source. Step 2: Open it up Now this isn't open heart surgery or anything just take your scissors and cut open the package. Step 3: Plug it in plug it inPlug in the controller and watch it light up once the found new hardware box opens up tell it to piss off.
Step 6: Final Thoughts If after adjusting anything in Options you can't fire re-enter those bind values. And whatever the age, the girls were busy working on self- and community-enriching projects with the reward of winning cool stuff such as cameras, charms, rings, ponchos, pillows, leather patches, mod posters and, of course, honors badges and pins.
There might be butter mints, assorted chocolates, party wafters (man, those looked delicious!) or peanut clusters.
The CWM has been featured in numerous TV shows, magazines, newspapers and blogs, and made its art gallery debut in 2010 at the Scion Space's "Palate" show. The salon is located within Mother Ignacia Place, right across the ELJ Building of ABS-CBN.
I was pleased with the instant response and expected good service on my visit the following day.
I was not paying much attention the first time she said that, but she repeated the request one or two more times while we were out of earshot of the other staff members.
Since then, the candy drive has changed so that the candy is either bought online or sold through the local Camp Fire groups, and the mints can be bought all year round. I have my book, my vest and my ceremonial gown, decked with beads and felt Indian symbols from the time.

I have to admit that I didn't know the difference between the two but according to their list of services, Orange rebond was P990 minimum while the milk rebond was P2000 minimum. You know how you sometimes see girls who are complete strangers you have never seen before but you can tell right off the bat that they had their hair rebonded recently?
Not as soft and with a little more body than when I stepped out of Orange Blush, but considering my natural hair condition and laziness in using conditioner consistently, it's pretty good. Before rebonding became affordable, I had my hair chemically straightened several times and every time, the straightness would only last a week, then the poofiness and the wave would come back.
The hair sticks to the skull, looks unnaturally straight, and sometimes even looks a little broom-like?
Even now, three months after the rebond and a few weeks since I began tying my hair up again, my hair is still straight and shiny. The deal I bought was valid from February to August and Orange Blush had posted at least one other rebonding deal since then.
I even once went to that popular but expensive Korean salon to have my hair rebonded and just got disastrous results.) Then last year, I had a digiperm which I soon stopped caring for.
I was probably the last among my batch to redeem my voucher (I really waited for the summer season to end because I knew I would not be able to tie up my hair after the rebonding) and Chai seemed to have forgotten that they offered the earlier deal.

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