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Dietary Supplement America s #1 Selling Natural Supplement for Hair Loss The Natural Solution for Hair Loss Helps to block the negative effects of DHT* Supports hair regrowth from the inside out* Safe, effective and drug free How NuHair Works: NuHair is a natural nutrient booster for fine and thinning hair. The Echinacea plant has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans, giving lasting relief from a number of different ailments.
Echinacea to fend off the diseases that periodically threatened their settlements, before exporting it back to excited consumers in Europe.

These specially formulated tablets help to inhibit DHT (widely thought to be the primary cause of hair loss) and promote healthy hair growth from the inside out. This hair supporting supplement delivers vitamins A and B6, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, hydrolyzed fish collagen, kudzu extract and black pepper extract.
It is usually found in the central plains of the USA, where it grows on roadside verges and fields.

The unique NuHair Botanical Blend features ginkgo, horsetail, horse chestnut, uva ursi, black cohosh, burdock extract and cayenne.

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