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Often very experienced and skilled surgeons charge less if they live in a less expensive area. BeFrilly is your source for beauty, fashion, love and more, offering women interesting insights, provocative views, and great advice. Breast implants are one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, and while many of us would like to lift, fill and enhance our chests, we wonder – just how much do breast implants cost? You’re paying the doctor for his time, knowledge and skill as he places the implants for you.

For that reason you might travel an hour or two outside of the city to find a less expensive surgeon.
This price range reflects the cost of the anesthesia and the facility as well as the surgeon’s fee. Some patients even fly to other countries for breast implants because the surgery is so much less expensive outside of the United States. The materials have a set price as well, and you can expect that price to fluctuate a bit as you decide between silicone and saline implants.

The facility you’re visiting – a surgical center or a hospital costs around $1,000 as well. You don’t want to skimp on surgeon fees, of course, since the results of his work will be with you for at least a decade.

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