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Not all unplanned pregnancies are unwanted, as in many cases the surprise is well accepted by the mom to be who is able and ready to take care of the new born child. One of the foremost problems faced by the women with unwanted pregnancy is the biased and wrong information provided by agencies that do not have her welfare in their mind. Not using birth control or using with incorrectly and inconsistently is one of the leading causes of unwanted pregnancy. Religious and communal beliefs often lead the women of some communities to believe that using contraception can be sinning. Even in this modern era many people are still embarrassed to ask and seek help regarding birth control methods.
Unwanted pregnancies are also result of rapes, coercive sex, domestic violence and sexual abuse cases.
In case of unprotected sex with partner, the woman who is planning on birth control can opt for emergency contraception within the next 5 days.

After the initial step of emergency contraception, the next step is to find out whether you are pregnant or not through pregnancy tests. Whether the woman decides to bring up the baby, place it for adoption or opts for termination of pregnancy, it may lead to feelings of guilt and regret in future. The decision of whether to continue with the pregnancy or abort the baby is very sensitive, tough and crucial, as it may lead to remorse in later stages of life. Unfortunately for some couple or women this could be unexpected and unplanned news which could be a reason for stress and worry for various reasons. For those women who are not ready to take care of the child, adoption and abortion are the two options left to choose from. Finding the right information and help regarding the unexpected and unplanned pregnancies is the first right thing a woman can do when faced by the dilemma.
In case the couple are using contraceptives and also using it appropriately and consistently, there can be accidental pregnancies though not very often.

Sex education is not common is every nation, thus the knowledge of reproduction, pregnancy and childbirth is lacking among teens in many developing and underdeveloped nations leading to unwanted pregnancies. Emergency contraception works also for those who realize that the birth control has failed, as in case of ruptured condoms and forgetting to take the pills on time. If the pregnancy is confirmed, it is time to sit down and discuss the pregnancy with the partner if he is responsible person as to what do about it.
She can ask the doctor to guide her to a counselor who can allow her to self examine the situation and make her decision based on what works best in the situation. Do not feel guilty if you feel you do not want the baby for any personal reasons, as not every woman is required to be ready to take responsibility of motherhood all of sudden.

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