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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Breast enlargement has often remained a desire of many women who have not been gifted with large breasts.
But these techniques come with a number of side effects, so nowadays herbal remedies are getting a lot of attention and appreciation for enhancing the breast size. Wild yam is yet another significant natural herb that can help enlarge your breasts naturally. Black cohosh is a time tested herb that helps relieve hot flashes, vaginal dryness and other female health related problems including enlargement of breasts. Though quite effective in its role of breast enlargement, this herb may have some side effects such as joint pain, weight gain, headaches, vomiting tendencies and dizziness. Fenugreek is considered to be very important herbal remedy that can help increase the size of your breasts. Red clover is an effective breast enlargement herb that contains four types of phytoestrogens including genistein compound that is known for breast enlargement capabilities. Dona quai is also a very useful herb that helps regulate the estrogen production in the body and help in breast enlargement.
Pueraria mirifica is a powerful herb that can help boost the chances of breast enlargement. If a woman could change any part of her body she would opt for a change in the size of her breasts. However, the surgery does not come without its risk and can result in leakage of the implants resulting in toxicity in the body.
Black cohosh is another very popular herb along with dong quai is used for helping women enhance their assets naturally. Licorice can be used for increasing the size of your breasts because the herb helps stimulate the production of the hormones estrogen and prolactin; both the hormones are associated with size and shape of the breasts.

In fact, many commercially available supplements for breast enhancement contain high amounts of licorice. Fennel has been used in the form of tonic by women since many years now because of its estrogen-like effects on the body. Like fennel, fenugreek too is given to new mothers to help with regular production of milk.
One reason for this action of the herb could be because it increases the flow of blood to the breasts, which increases the size of the organs.
Dong quai has long been used for treating various gynaecological disorders in women because of its ability to mimic the functions of the hormone estrogen.
Though, many people believe it is all about genes, others want to try all the possible ways of enhancing their most desirable assets. These herbal remedies work towards providing the required ingredient to the body that helps boost your chances of increasing your breast size. This herb regulates the hormone and helps get the desirable results in the targeted period of time.
It contains plant based hormone estrogens that helps increase breasts’ size as it has similar substances that are found in the hormone replacement treatment drugs. It contains high concentration of plant components, which helps boost the chances of breast enlargement. Most women are not happy with the size and shape of their breasts; they are either too large or too small and women mostly spend money on buying clothes that would enhance their breast size or opt for breast enlargement surgeries. Fortunately, there are some wonderful herbs that can help you enhance your assets naturally. Many topical creams as well as supplements meant for breast enlargement contain extracts of black cohosh. New mothers who face problems with production of milk are often given large quantities of fennel water for consumption to help stimulate the production of milk.

In a liter of water boil 75 grams of fenugreek seeds or let them soak in the same amount of water overnight.
Supplements of dong quai are available in online stores but should be used only under medical supervision because they can interact with other medications causing fatal problems. In the recent years, breast enlargement techniques have gained a lot of popularity among women who want to increase the size of their breasts.
Some of the effective herbs include saw palmetto, wild yam, black cohosh, red clover and many more. In addition, this herb also helps reduce problems of frequent urine related infections, overweight and several others. You can easily use it with tea or add it to any lotion and directly massage on your breasts for its desirable growth.
However, the herb can cause certain problems as well if taken without medical consultation. Consult your doctor before taking the pills as licorice has side effects that can harm your heart. Some of the techniques of breast enlargement include pills, surgeries and silicone implants. Take supplements of black cohosh for breast enlargement as per your doctor’s recommendations. Drink this herbal water through the day and in a month’s time you will see increase in the size of your breasts.

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