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Change File Extension Shell Menu is a simple-to-use Windows application that enables you to change the file extension by integrating an entry in the Windows Explorer shell extension. Basically, this tool comes in handy whenever you want to modify file extensions without having to tick the option to show them from the Windows Explorer settings panel. In addition, the confirmation dialog for applying the new changes is disabled with Change File Extension Shell Menu. What's probably the biggest advantage of the tool is that it allows users to change extensions for multiple files at the same time by making a selection and picking a new format.
The app does not put a strain on computer performance, as it runs on a low amount of CPU and RAM. All in all, Change File Extension Shell Menu offers a simple solution to changing the extensions to files in single or batch mode, and it can be handled by all types of users, regardless of their previous experience with computer software.
Another important feature is that multiple resize options are available, such as: Legal, Ledger, A2-A5, B4, B4, B3, Note, statement, etc. Apart from selecting any of these options, it also lets you set custom height & width for your PDF file. PDFaid is the last PDF resizer website of this list that can resize a single PDF file at a time.

Note: Output PDF file will contain a small watermark of this website on the first page of PDF file.
Moreover, it is possible to undo these modifications by simply using the global hotkey (Ctrl+Z) in Explorer.
It quickly applies new changes and works smoothly, without causing the OS to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs.
You need to just upload your PDF, select the dimensions for the PDF, and these websites will resize the PDF to your desired dimensions. For each PDF file, maximum size is 100MB, which should be sufficient for most of the PDF files. You can set resize sheet mode as A4, A5, A3, B4, and B5.
First upload PDF documents from your PC and then set resize mode with Pack into a ZIP archive option enabled. It also provides Delete button that helps to delete your PDF files after downloading the resized files. Unique feature of this website is that you can set pages range or can resize only a single page of multipage PDF file.
Main feature of this website is that a lot of resizing options are available to choose from. LETTER, A3, A5, B5, ENVELOPE 9, 10, NOTE, FANFOLD US, 9*11, 15*11, A4 TRANSVERSE, A PLUS, LETTER EXTRA TRANSVERSE, PENV (1-10), P16K ROTATED, etc.

Its unique feature is that it provides many resizing modes, such as: A4, tabloid, A5, ledger, A3, Executive, B5, Statement, B4, Quarto, Folio, etc. Its interface contains multiple ads, but it won’t create any trouble to resize PDF file.
Before starting the resizing process, pages orientation (landscape, portrait, or auto) can also be set by you.
If you have to resize multiple PDF files together, you need to enable a ZIP archive option. It also supports password protected PDF files for resizing. It lets you enter password for your PDF file so that you can resize that PDF.

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