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Lucien’s crafty mom, Julie, the blogger behind Famille Summerbelle, sewed these colorful felt letters, which she arranged above her baby's head before taking his picture every month.
For a super-easy photo project, try this chalkboard idea suggested by photographer and mom Beth Oliver. Like Google, you can theme your baby pictures based on what day (or, more realistically, month) it is in in history. We heart the modern simplicity of these monthly baby-atop-a-Stendig-Calendar photos, by Ohdeedoh reader Kathy Chapman.

This cute idea can be recreated by simply printing out the date and placing your baby next to it on a white or colored backdrop (her crib sheet would work!). Before you know it, that pea-sized munchkin you were handed in the hospital is suddenly a walking, talking, mini-person. You can keep it black-and-white, or add a splash of color by marking the photo's date with brightly hued numbers or by dressing your babe in a solid-colored onesie.
We love these gorgeous, creative ideas from our favorite mommy bloggers for chronicling baby's development from month to month.

Parents need the help in selecting what drinks and foods are nutritious, inexpensive, and appealing for their children to eat at school. Healthier eating needs to start being a priority in lunches that the schools are serving to the children.

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