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In this article we've share some herbs that improve memory and brain function.Superior memory alertness is of great significance to people of all ages and gender. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. The ability to recall information at the right time is indeed essential not only for students, but also for adults of all ages and occupations. Whether it’s work, reading, or play, finer cognitive skills and ability to keep focused are some of the major determinant factors that make a person successful. Even though memory power is expected to decline only with age, people of younger age may also suffer from memory loss due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are inappropriate nutrition, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, free-radical damage to the brain, alcohol use etc. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that terpenoids found in gingko biloba may be responsible for its purported memory benefit.
Scientific studies have yielded mixed results, suggesting more research is warranted.MacaThis Peruvian root tuber is extremely high in antioxidants, making it one of the newcomers on the list of exotic superfoods. Because of its antioxidant properties, the root is believed to inhibit an enzyme that can damage cognitive functions.

Since maca is also effective in helping the body increase strength and preserve energy stores, it can help in cases of memory loss or poor concentration ability caused by lack of energy. In addition, maca contains several nutrients and minerals, and is even said to act as an aphrodisiac that has proven to enhance sexual desire in men. The recommended daily dose is 2,000 mg or 1 teaspoon of maca root powder.GinsengThis herb has been used in China for centuries to treat several diseases, including memory loss and aging. A recent study has shown that ginseng can be particularly effective in recovering memory in stroke patients that suffer from dementia. As an energy booster, ginseng can also decrease blood pressure, headaches, insomnia and tremors, which can all lead to improved concentration. Tasty, organic teas containing ginseng can be found at many grocery stores, or the herb can be taken as tablet or capsule. The recommended daily dosage is up to 1200 mg, depending on your reason for taking the herb.RosemaryRosemary is rich in carnosic acid, which dilates the cerebral vascular tissues and enhances blood flow.
Rosemary helps to enhance memory, calm nerves, stimulates the circulatory system, and helps prevent the breakdown of neurotransmitters in the brain. It can be seeped in hot water to make tea just before strenuous work.BrahmiBrahmi is an important herb that is used in ayurveda to enliven memory. This herb has been traditionally used to perk up attentiveness, retention and recollection.

Popularly used as a tonic for memory enhancement, it is also found to be useful in lessening blood pressure, easing stress and anxiety levels. Sharp and clear memory power can be achieved by consuming the prescribed quantity of brahmi juice for a long term. If you are taking it in the form of supplement, make sure it is standardized for 30% kavalactones. The general dosage recommendation is 500 mg once daily, right before you retire to bed at night.SageSage is another powerful herb for memory that is commonly used by herbal practitioners in the treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease.
The anticholinesterase and antioxidant properties of sage have been found to be very effective in enhancing brain cell functions. As per various medical studies, this herb can be particularly more effective in improving memory in younger adults. However, it must be taken in proper dosage and only under the expert guidance of a licensed herbal practitioner.

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