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Cadastre seu email abaixo e Ganhe dois E-Book totalmente gratis de "Montagem e Manutencao de Antenas Parabolicas" e "Como Montar CS Desde o Zero.
Cadastre seu email e ganhe 2 E-bookCadastre-se abaixo para receber atualizacoes no seu email gratis e ainda ganhar os 2 E-books "Montagem e Manutencao de Antenas Parabolicas" ou "Aprenda a Montar CS desde o Zero". So close to factory new conditon, only a tiny bit of corrosion on the handle and some nicks on the plastic grip held it back (see pictures). The Nokia Lumia 925 bottom line is simple: it's the best looking, best feeling Windows Phone 8 handset Nokia has given us to-date, and while it may not be PureView as the 808 outlined it, Nokia is aiming big with claims that it offers the best low-light performance of any smartphone on the market. On the front there's a slice of toughened Gorilla 2 Glass, while on the back there's Nokia's favorite polycarbonate. Up front is another improvement, the 4.5-inch OLED ClearBlack display that debuted on Friday on the Lumia 928.
Nokia's emphasis with its recent Windows Phones has been on their photographic abilities, and the Lumia 925 is no different. What's different is the lens, and here Nokia and Carl Zeiss have cooked up a World's First on a smartphone: the first 6-part lens.
Smart Camera approaches things much in the same way as HTC and Samsung have on the One and Galaxy S 4, respectively: with the assumption that having more photo data to choose from is A Good Thing. In the gallery, Smart Camera clusters of shots show up with a single thumbnail, but when you open them (and tap the "Smart Camera" legend) the editing potential is unlocked. Group Shot is the face-combining system we've already seen on previous Lumia devices, based on the same Scalado tech as BlackBerry 10 has used on the Z10 and Q10.
They're ambitious effects (and Nokia says more are on the way), but they're also system-intensive.
We clocked the Lumia 925 in at 15 seconds just to analyze the frames initially, when we tapped into them from the gallery. Now, it's worth remembering that Nokia still has some time to finesse the software - the Lumia 925 isn't expected to hit shelves until June, after all - but it does take away some of the immediacy of the tweaking process. If we had to compare the Lumia 925 to the rest of Nokia's current range, it's probably best described as the specifications of the 928 with the sleek design of the 720, only with build quality that's a step above anything we've seen from Nokia in recent months.

True, there have been some compromises along the way - Nokia's decision not to integrate wireless charging is perhaps acceptable given the dimensions of the phone, and the company's supposed goal of "meaningful thinness", but it also should be ashamed that there isn't a snap-on wireless charging shell included in the box - but overall it's the most compelling Windows Phone Nokia has made so far.
The full judgment will have to wait until we can spend some more time with the Lumia 925 and see how it - and its camera abilities - fit into our daily lives. Officially announced today, we caught up with the Lumia 925 to see whether it truly lives up to its premium billing, and whether - as Nokia insists - it can live alongside the Lumia 920 and 928, rather than just muddy the waters. Plastic meets metal in a gentle curve at the edge of the phone, neatly dovetailing in a way that feels great nestled into your hand; that polycarbonate also swells - Nokia says "pillows" - to accommodate the camera lens, atop the dual-LED flash. Gone is the heft of the Lumia 920, and its slightly toy-like glossy plastic, replaced with premium-feel materials and a more refined design. Just as on the Verizon phone, it supports a high-brightness mode for outdoor readability, and super-sensitivity for use while wearing gloves. Like the 920 and 928, it bears the coveted PureView branding, and in fact it packs the same 8.7-megapixel sensor as they do. It also uses the 925 to debut Nokia Smart Camera, a suite of effects and post-processing that can replace the default camera app should the owner see fit.
In the Lumia 925's case, that means firing off a burst of 10 frames over the course of 2.5 seconds when you hit the shutter-release, elements from each of which can then be combined or generally modified in different ways. First up is Best Shot, which analyzes each of the ten frames and picks out whichever it decides is the best based on sharpness and other details.
Smart Camera automatically identifies the subject of the frame - you can swipe left and right, and see white outlines of each of the potential subjects that can be used - and then applies one of two degrees of blurring to the background.
Nokia tells us its version in Smart Camera is actually newer than what we've seen before, another exclusive for the Lumia line-up.
This works best when there's a moving object passing through a still frame: then, just as with Motion Focus, the Lumia 925 identifies the moving subject and allows you to combine multiple versions of it on top of a single background. Smart Camera shoots and saves the cluster of ten images swiftly, which is good since we hate missing a great image because of a sluggish phone, but actually using the editing tools demands some patience. That process needs to be completed each and every time you open the same set of ten stills: there's no caching of the analysis, for instance.

There's also no way to just look at all ten frames without jumping straight into the editing suite, which can make browsing through photos a stop-start affair. With the same dualcore processor and RAM as the Lumia 920 and 928, the Lumia 925 had no problems running through the browser and other apps that we could find. Photos simply don't do the Lumia 925 justice: you have to pick it up and feel how its careful curves fit into your hand. That should happen closer to the smartphone's June 2013 release, with it landing in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and China initially, followed by the US and other countries.
It's also stunning to look at: colors are vivid, blacks inky, and the broad viewing angles mean you can glance almost entirely askance at the Lumia 925 and still make out graphics without aberrations. The optical image stabilization system - which physically moves the entire camera assembly to match shake and judder - is also the same, as is the dual-LED flash system from the 920. A similar editing system is implemented in the Object Removal system, with the Lumia 925 identifying potentially unwanted people or objects moving through the frame, and then combining elements from the ten different shots to get rid of them. A row of straightforward buttons along the bottom allows you to toggle content from each frame on or off, while a fade button blurs out details from all but a single, user-selected frame. Tweaking things like the combinations of Action Shot frames happens instantly, but there's another delay involved when you export the final result, with it taking around 14 seconds to spit the still into the gallery. There's also Nokia's own HERE Maps and HERE Drive+, with offline turn-by-turn navigation among other things, and the full array of Windows Store apps to choose from. The 1280 x 768 resolution may not be the Full HD we've seen on some recent Android devices, but it's certainly sufficient for text and the like on a 4.5-inch phone to be smooth. Swipe down, meanwhile, and you go through the other options: Motion Focus, Object Removal, Action Shot, and Group Shot.

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