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The seven former Beaumont city officials charged in May with 94 felony corruption counts, including embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds, face a big day of court hearings Friday, Aug. The Riverside County District Attorneya€™s Office is alleging conflicts of interest, embezzlement and misappropriation of city bonds and transportation-fee funds that added up to more than $43 million.
Kapanicas, 64, of Palm Desert, and Aylward, 53, of Cherry Valley, are both charged with six counts of embezzlement, 24 counts of misappropriation of funds and two counts of conspiracy. Coe, 52, of Redlands, was charged with two counts of misappropriation of funds and one count of conspiracy.
All seven are expected to enter pleas to the charges in a hearing before Riverside County Superior Court Judge Mac Fisher in Riverside.
Several of the defendants want the judge to lift freezes on their bank and investment accounts. A district attorneya€™s forensic real estate investigator also determined that real estate holdings of defendants might produce up to $6 million more if properties were sold. Because of a Supreme Court decision in an unrelated case, defendants are entitled to hire attorneys and other legal assistance of their choice, and received court OK to spend certain amounts.

City records show that Kapanicas and Moorjani, acting as contract city employees, signed off on millions of dollars to consulting companies they owned.
Coea€™s charges stem from $45,000 in interest-free loans of city funds arranged by Kapanicas and Aylward without City Council approval, according to court papers filed by investigators. The charges were announced May 17, but all defendants have waived their rights to speedy arraignments. Assistant Presiding Judge Becky Dugan said in court she wanted to get them all before an assigned judge who will handle the case through any trial. Together, their bank accounts and investments total almost $15.5 million, according to court records. Prosecutors sought these freezes so funds could be used to pay restitution if the defendants are later found guilty.
For example, Dugan authorized a $180,000 withdrawal from Kapanicasa€™ accounts to pay for attorney fees and investigative costs and $4,500 a month for his wife, Diana, for living expenses from their commingled bank accounts.
Se puede y la prueba de ello es Robert Mfune, un adolescente que aun no tiene la edad para beber una cerveza de forma legal en algunas partes del mundo, pero que ya maneja un Bentley banado en oro. El joven que habita en Southampton, Inglaterra, es uno de los millonarios mas jovenes de Inglaterra.

La inedita oferta se realizara en la India, especificamente en dos ciudades sagradas para el hinduismo.
La informacion fue entregada por Financial Times y las urbes elegidas son Amristar y Katra, en las que la vaca (y, por tanto, tambien la carne de vacuno) es sagrada. Judge Fisher also is expected to hear motions filed by one or more defendants to lift freezes on their assets and to dismiss charges. Segun el periodico espanol "El Economista", para esto no se necesitan anos de estudios financieros y es un sencillo metodo de inversion.

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