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Like other nations which faced German troops, the USA gave a great deal of attention to German machine guns.
The M60 machine gun is a gas-operated, belt-fed, air-cooled weapon which fires from an open bolt and in automatic mode only. M60E1:an improved version of the basic weapon, with Stellite-lined barrels, a gas cylinder and bipod attached to the receiver instead of barrel, anda number of other improvements.
M60E2: coaxial tank version, with a remote trigger and gas evacuating tube attached to the front of the gas cylinder.
M60 Lightweight:an improved version of the M60, developed during the 1970s by the Sacodivision of Maremont Corp. M60E3:a derivative of the M60 Lightweight, sharing most of its features plusa lightweight plastic forearm combined with a front pistol grip. One of several developmental countermine systems used by US forces during operations Joint Endeavor and Joint Task Force Eagle. The Panther is a remotely controlled vehicle with mine rollers, and it is used to proof lanes and assembly areas.
D Company, 2nd Tank Battalion, assigned to Regimental Combat Team 5Marine AVLBOperation Iraqi Freedomnear Gharmah, Iraq15-MAR-2006Marine Corps photo by Cpl. To the best of my knowledge all military data and images presented in these pages are UNCLASSIFIED, NON-SENSITIVE, and approved for public release. The most notable feature of the T44 was theplacement of the belt feed module, which was located on the left sideof the receiver (with the belt passing vertically from bottom to top)instead of the more common top position with a lateral belt movement.

Work on a newprototype, designated T52, commenced in 1947 and was continued up until1952, when it was decided to persuade a derivative of the T52 design,known as the T52E3, under the new designation T161.
This piston has a cup shape (with the opening facing forward) and a set of radial holes which, in the forward position of the piston, are aligned with the gas port in the barrel.The theory of this system is that once gas pressure in the chamber(formed by the piston internal cavity and front of the gas block) is enough to operate the moving parts, the holes in the piston will go out of alignment with the gas port, cutting off the supply of high-pressure powder gases. Unfortunately the front sights are not adjustable, so the zeroing of each barrel is made by adjustments of therear sight. Folding carrying handles are attached to the heat shield close to the center of gravity of the weapon.
Despite its obvious advantages over basic M60, it was never built in numbers or approved for service.
The gas piston group is attached to thereceiver instead of barrel, and a light folding bipod attached to thegas piston tube.
In no case I shall be liable for any damage or harm, caused by use or misuse of any information, facts and opinions, placed on this site. Raw fuel injected into each hot turbo is instantly vaporized and a dense white cloud of smoke is emitted from the exhaust stacks. Despite that setback, the US Army set out to develop a general purpose machine gun for its troops, and in 1945 started aseries of trials to test guns developed by various state armories,American private companies and some systems from foreign contractors. This also means that the system is self-adjustable andthe cyclic rate of fire cannot be easily adjusted. The feed system of original M60 guns is built into the hinged feed cover, and is operated by a roller-equipped stud at thetop of the bolt.

Therefore, if a gunner desires to have all of his spare barrels properly zeroed, he has to zero each barrel and record its settings for the rear sight; once in combat, he has to remember to seta proper setting for each spare barrel installed on the gun. In practice the gas piston could be installed improperly (with the opening pointingrearward), turning the M60 into manually operated, single shot weapon.The gas block also tends to unscrew itself into its component parts under sustained fire, so its parts were often safe-wired together bytroops improvising in the field.
This further increases the weight of each spare barrel, and while the bipodsare intended to be used as handles during the removal of hot barrels,the gun itself has to be held in the air by the gunner while his assistant swaps the barrels. Some current versions (as made byUS Ordnance Inc) are provided with lightweight bipod for emergency dismounted use.
The belt feed unit is improved topermit the safe closing of its cover when the bolt is in its forward position. Also, unlike many other guns, each barrel carries its own gas block with gas piston, increasing the weight of spare barrel kits.
If closed on the bolt in its forward position, an attempt to cock the gun will result in damage to the feed group.

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