Being caught unprepared during a zombie attack is tantamount to jumping into a lion cage with big pieces of ham strapped to your neck. Contains the necessary items to sustain 1 person for 2 days of survival during a zombie apocalypse or any type of disaster!
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and he brought you one hell of a zombie survival kit. A bar of soap won’t hurt, but the cysts, sores, rashes, bacteria filled grime, and basic lack of cleanliness will kill you as easily as a zombie bite.

And part of being prepared is having the right equipment, which is why you should invest in these Zombie Survival Kits now for sale on eBay. If you prepared for this moment, you’ve got a zombie survival kit and a fighting chance.
If you’re going in on the apocalypse with a friend, this kit is a great self-defense kit for holding a position.
However, while planning only three days ahead could get buy you the time to get a real plan in place, this kit doesn’t fit the bill for actually¬†enduring¬†the zombie apocalypse.

It’s all about day-to-day survival, but you need tools that can last you in the long run.
Luckily, there are some fine harbingers of zombie survival capitalism that have created some kits that are ready to go.

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