State emergency management staff and other public agencies will provide information and zombie preparedness challenges on social media during the month of October, because why not, it’s not as if Brownback has anything important to do. Movies like Zombieland, and TV shows like The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and iZombie have all contributed to the popularity, and now it looks like even the government is jumping on the zombie craze bandwagon!On Wednesday, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a proclamation making the entire month of October "Zombie Preparedness Month" throughout the whole state. Wednesday in his Statehouse office and workers from the state Division of Emergency Management are expected to join him for this super-important Zombie thingy. Brownback said he and his youngest son, Mark, 18, have talked a lot about what to do if a zombie apocalypse happens.

Brownback has also designated Kansas to be a Koch-State — a thing which is far more terrifying that a Zombie attack. Brownback stands next to a zombified 15-year-old Faith Tucker as he proclaims October "Zombie Preparedness Month." Credit Stephen Koranda Gov.
The department will be posting preparedness challenges on their website throughout the month of October.
Sam Brownback has proclaimed October as “Zombie Preparedness Month.” That not-so-serious name is aimed at getting people to think about a serious topic.

The idea behind “Zombie Preparedness Month” in Kansas is an eye-catching way to think about emergencies. The supplies needed to survive a zombie attack will actually benefit you in other emergencies.

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