Proactive measures, such as training and emergency response plans, help ensure ongoing safety. Lincoln County Emergency Services and our 911 dispatch centers can now alert residents county-wide about severe weather, tsunami inundation area evacuations, fires, floods, toxic environmental issues and other emergencies using the notification system.
Emergency services and government agencies may not be able to respond immediately to your needs. A mere 19 percent reported that their workplace has asked employees to be part of an emergency response team.

So be realistic about the possibilities for emergencies in your workplace by training employees on what to do should specific emergencies occur. Include drills in your training on a regular basis so employees can use kinetic learning to know where to go in an emergency, whether to get emergency equipment or to evacuate the building or to go to a designated shelter in place area. For example, 94 percent of survey respondents confirmed that their workplace has a dedicated first-aid kit or cabinet on-site.
History has shown time and again that people who prepare for emergencies and natural disasters experience less disruption when they do occur, and are able to resume their lives more quickly than those who do not prepare.

After training managers and other employees on your company’s emergency response plan, conduct drills to help ensure that they will know what to do if a natural disaster strikes or other emergency occurs.

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