Danny Lipford: The beauty of these kits are that they are inexpensive, and besides saving energy, they help keep the house more comfortable when the winter winds start blowing.
Winter storms are still going strong, and we are again reminded how important it is to keep basic supplies on hand. The National Weather Service refers to winter storms as the "Deceptive Killers" because most deaths are indirectly related to the storm.
The past few winters have brought snow despite previously going decades without seeing any snow at all, the weathernetwork explains. Many winter storms are accompanied by dangerously low temperatures and sometimes by strong winds, icing, sleet and freezing rain. Whether it's preparedness for floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or fires, the key to survival in disasters is planning.

In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. And on this week’s winter home survival guide, we want to share with you some ideas on how you can keep your heating costs down, so that you can survive winter. Now, while a blazing fire makes a cold winter evening more bearable, it can also be very dangerous.
Closings and Cancellations due to Winter Storm The Cape May County Zoo will remain closed again today, January 24, 2014, as the pathways are still not safe.
Cuomo today declared a statewide state of emergency as a major winter storm has already started to bring heavy snow, sub-zero temperatures and high winds across New York State. Hopefully, the tips we were able to provide you on this week’s show, will help you actually enjoy this colder time of the year.

While the danger from winter weather varies across the country, nearly all Americans, regardless of where they live, are likely to face some type of severe winter weather at some point in their lives. Separate winter weather storms combining to affect every corner of the State; road closures impacting Interstate 84, Interstate 87, and the Long Island Expressway Governor Andrew M. One of the primary concerns is the winter weather's ability to knock out heat, power and communications services to your home or office, sometimes for days at a time. Winter storms can range from a moderate snow over a few hours to a blizzard with blinding, wind-driven snow that lasts for several days.

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