Fire safety involves reducing flammable material, but also increasing access for firefighters and fire fighting equipment. Heat, outside, from a large wildfire can ignite sheer curtains inside homes through glass windows.
Recycling and composting eliminates the risk of wildfire and the smoke that comes with burning of trash and yard wastes.

Matches tossed from a car window, farm vehicle, or off-road vehicle (ORV) can ignite leaves or grass, causing a wildfire.
Keep grass mowed within 30' of all buildings--a mowed lawn will help protect your home from wildfires. Poorly tuned engines without spark arresting mufflers can emit carbon sparks, causing a wildfire.

Do not throw live charcoal on the ground and leave it; it will smolder and could start a wildfire.

Earthquake disaster preparedness tips
Survival water storage containers
To go bags emergency
Disaster preparation kits


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